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Arizona QB commit won't have a senior season

Posted on: September 15, 2010 12:25 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

While his future classmates will be painting themselves red this weekend in preparation for their game against the Iowa Hawkeyes, Arizona commit Daxx Garman won't be doing much of anything.  He definitely won't be playing football.  The senior quarterback from Texas' Southlake Carroll via Oklahoma was ruled ineligible to play his senior season because of that whole "via Oklahoma" thing.

Garman was ruled ineligible by a decision of the District 7-5A board in August, and appealed the decision but on Tuesday the University Interscholastic League unanimously agreed to uphold the district's decision, forcing Garman to sit out his senior season.

According to and The Dallas Morning News, a committee made up of Waco ISD athletic director Johanna Denson, San Antonio ISD athletic director Gil Garza, Troy ISD superintendent Kerry Hansen, and Houston ISD athletic director Daryl Wade agreed unanimously with the District 7-5A decision in late August to revoke Garman's eligibility after it determined that he moved from Oklahoma to playing football for Southlake Carroll. One of the key issues of debate -- and possibly the lynchpin that keeps Garman off the field for his senior season -- was a clause in the Garmans' lease within Carroll ISD boundaries that stipulated they could terminate the lease if Garman was found to be ineligible to play sports in the Carroll ISD.

What it all boils down to is this.  Garman's father moved from Oklahoma to Texas while Garman's mother remained at their home in Oklahoma. The move was viewed as nothing more than an attempt to let Daxx Garman play his senior season at Southlake Carroll. 

Why?  Because Daxx had been ruled ineligible to play in his home state of Oklahoma after his family failed to fill out the proper paperwork folllowing his transfer from Carl Albert to Jones.  Which is a bit foolish to punish a kid over some paperwork, but the rules are the rules.  No students are allowed to transfer to a Texas school when they were ineligible to play at their previous school, and when you combine the fact that Garman's transfer seemed to be for nothing more than athletic purposes, odds weren't in the kid's favor.

Driving the final nail in the coffin was a clause in Garman's lease that said "in the event the Tenant's son, Daxx Garman, is not accepted in the Carroll ISD Football program, Tenant will have the option to cancel this Lease..."

So it seems that the next time Garman will be eligible to play football it'll be on a field in Tucson.
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