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MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

Posted on: March 8, 2011 3:47 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

As we mentioned in our TCU Spring Primer yesterday , the impending divorce between the Horned Frogs and the Mountain West isn't going to be the amicable type. The conference has responded to TCU's defection to the Big East by inflicting various 2011 schedule-related indignities on the Frogs, including switching their home date against Boise State to a road trip and ignoring TCU's request for a Sept. 10 bye week in favor of a trip to Air Force.

Though Gary Patterson hasn't ever been the sort of coach to rant and rave about forces outside of his control -- see his subdued reaction to the BCS championship conversation excluding his undefeated Frogs each of the past two seasons -- his recent comments have made it clear that he is not pleased with the way his team has been treated:
The schedule stinks.

But nobody at TCU seems all that surprised.

Humored, maybe, as football coach Gary Patterson described himself. Or peeved, as some inside the athletic offices put it ...

"I realize a lot of this is dictated by TV," Patterson said, as spring drills prepared to begin last week. "But if the league said we could have one scheduling request, why didn’t we get it? I’m wondering who else had their requests ignored."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Gil LeBreton called the scheduling decisions "bush league" this week, writing that "I thought the league was classier than that."

Certainly, the conference's treatment of TCU isn't entirely "sporting" or "gentlemanly." But there's not much sporting or gentlemanly about the entire BCS system, one that virtually guarantees that a team like the Frogs will abandon the MWC for the greener pastures of an automatic BCS bid at the very first opportunity.

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For the MWC to be able to fend off any future suitors for their new flagship program at Boise -- particularly in light of the fellow defections from Utah and BYU -- they'll almost certainly have to be awarded that bid as soon as possible, and if they can snag a more lucrative television contract along the way, so much the better. Playing nice with TCU does nothing to help the MWC accomplish either of those goals; a Boise win over the Frogs, for instance, counts torwards the numbers in the league's bid application and damages the standing of the conference most likely to have its bid stripped.

Even from a simple perception standpoint, it's worth it to the MWC to saddle TCU with as many obstacles as possible. If the Frogs wipe the floor with the league on their way out, there won't be any hiding from the fact that the conference may have been irreperably damaged goods. If they lose two or three conference games and watch Boise or even San Diego State ascend to the league's top ladder ... well, which one of these scenarios do you think represents the stronger position for the MWC when it comes time to negotiate that next TV contract?

It would be great if everyone in the conference expansion wars played nice and got along and sat down for tea. But the real-world demands of the BCS and its millions means that's a chump's game. You can't blame TCU for feeling aggrieved, but you also can't blame the MWC for refusing to play it.


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Posted on: March 9, 2011 4:28 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

Look, I can't blame the MWC for sticking it to the Frogs. They've gotta take care of their existing and future members first.  Changing the Boise State game was a no-brainer.

But, I also can't blame TCU for accepting the Big East invite. Good, bad or indifferent the east coast's media exposure and automatic BCS bid were impossible to turn down for "loyalty". Travel to the east coast will be less challenging than trips to Boise, Wyoming or Colorado. It's a "win-win" for TCU.  Plus, their new conference will give them something unique in TX to sell recruits.

I'd really like to see how the Big East divides their revenue pie among 9 football schools and 16 basketball schools. Oh, yeah...the Frogs better expect to invest some money in hoops!

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 11:34 am

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

lets just call it as it is the MWC is the new WAC.With the big boys all leaving it will never get a BCS invite and they know it ,and are pissed and want to take it out on somebody.So TCU is the whipping boy and when Boise leaves in two years then it will be their turn to be the whipping boys.

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Posted on: March 9, 2011 9:33 am

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

TCU is the prostitute of the NCAA, jumping from coonferece to conferece to try and get a bigger payday, just like a working girl moves from corner to corner to try and make more money.  This is the 4th conference for TCU in 10 years.  Had they stayed on the MWC, the MWC would hve been guaranteed and AQ in the next allignment.  Not good enough for TCU, who aparently must want to frequent flyer miles a lot.  TCU jumped to what is widely considered the worst AQ Conference by far, just to get a shot at going to a BCS Game without having to go undefeated.  Like the working girl they model themselves after, they sold themselves for a chance to make more money this season.  I hope they get trampled in the MWC this season.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 10:43 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

MWC is getting it's payback for TCU, Utah, and BYU leaving.   Utah and BYU had to deal with it last year; now it's TCU's turn.   The conference is hurting and even with the addition of Boise coming in, I'm not so sure the MWC can garner a BCS Bid.    TCU joining the Big East may actually be the finger in the dyke needed since Pitt can't seem to deliver and West Virginia (who saved the Big East BCS Bid previously by beating Oklahoma and Georgia in BCS games) - is on a down cycle.   The conference now has thin pipeline to Texas talent which the Mountain doesn't have.

Also-interesting that UT San Antonio is moving to D1 and a potential university explosion as a major city and lower academic standards provide a very attractive alternative to more restrictive schools.   It's not hard to foresee that the WAC may become the secondary western conference soon if the MWC doesn't shore up it's issues.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 10:09 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

That is what happens when you jump ship to a new conference...Just ask Boise State...They had the refs GIVE that game to Nevada last year because they were leaving and Nevada was going to be WAC for another year.

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 9:29 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

Never new people in Texas whined so much!CryCry

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 9:21 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

The Mountain West Conference has been holding back on the football programs of BYU, TCU and Utah for as long as the mtn. (The official television channel of the MWC). Luckily, BYU and Utah got smart and left, getting themselves more national attention with games that are on national TV (Games are on the mtn., Versus, or CBS College Sports). Never does the mtn. allow any of the national channels to televise the games.  The commentating on these games suck, and I usually watch the games muted, so that my ears don't bleed.  I'm glad that BYU, Utah and TCU are leaving the MWC, showing the conference that they should allow other channels to broadcast their top games, like Utah vs. TCU this past football season.  I hope the mtn. falls and that whatsever left of the MWC can get more publicity on CBS, ESPN or other national television channels with decent commentating.  

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 8:49 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

That "home game" vs Boise State was to be a Jerry World technically a neurtal site.They are playing 7 home games this year. Stop whining. You wanted become the bell of the ball and lose the Cinderella monker. Well here it is!

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Posted on: March 8, 2011 8:41 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

So, let's see.  A switch to a road game to Boise.  That hurts.  But the refusal of a bye week?  Not quite the unconscienable act as is being presented by TCU.

Given what the far-flung MWC COULD have done with your schedule, this doesn't seem to be as criminal as your whining suggests.  And if you think those road trips all the way across the nation to play in the Big East won't be a traveling nightmare, you've had your heads in the sand.  Two away games on back to back weekends will sap you and your team and make you wonder how easy you had it in the MWC.

Good luck, Frogs.


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Posted on: March 8, 2011 7:20 pm

MWC in the right despite Patterson schedule gripe

Karma is a nasty mistress.  Remember you heard it here, and time will tell if I am right.

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