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Dana Holgorsen knows home is where the hotel is

Posted on: March 30, 2011 3:17 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Dana Holgorsen is getting ready for his first season at West Virginia after moving to Morgantown from Stillwater, where he was the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State. He'll be spending the 2011 season in the same position with the Mountaineers, though he'll take over head coaching duties from Bill Stewart following the season.

What he won't be doing next year, is changing his living arrangements. At the moment, Holgorsen currently lives in a hotel. He did the same thing while at Oklahoma State, and he has no plans on changing it.

"I'm never there," Holgorsen told the Charleston Daily Mail. "Typically I get there anywhere from 10 to 12 at night and I'm there until whenever I wake up. Then I shower and leave and when I'm working, I'm working.

"It's just easy. Convenience is a part of what I do. It makes sense. A lot of stuff that doesn't make sense is inconvenient. I try to live like that. That makes sense to me."

The convenience is that when Holgorsen does come home from work, his room has been cleaned and the bed's been made. That saves you a good five to ten minutes every day. While it seems strange that a coach who will be making a good amount of money would choose to live in a hotel room rather than a house, it does make a bit of sense as well.

After all, being a football coach isn't the most secure of jobs. Have a bad season and that contract you signed won't mean much, as a school can just replace you. So if you bought a house, now you have to sell the house and begin looking for a new place to live. Really, the only question I have for Holgorsen is that if he's lived in a hotel the last few years as an offensive coordinator, does he move into a better hotel once he becomes head coach?

Does he at least step up from the queen-sized bed to the king-size?

These are very important questions.
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