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Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

Posted on: April 27, 2011 9:59 am
Edited on: April 27, 2011 10:25 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

Ever since the release of the NCAA's Notice of Allegations to Ohio State, much of the focus of Tattoogate has shifted from the program and directly on head coach Jim Tressel.  The NCAA said Tressel "failed to deport himself in accordance with the honesty and integrity normally associated with the conduct and administration of intercollegiate athletics" when he did not notify school officials of the possible violations associated with the tattoo parlor.  

The heat on Tressel has raised a question of whether he might be fired, or resign because of these new developments.  According to the Dayton Business Journal, Tressel getting fired or resigning could cost him $3.7 million a year.  Tressel is contracted at that salary through 2014, but the termination-for-cause provisions in his contract would release Ohio State from that financial responsibility.

According to a copy of his contract obtained by the Journal, one of the termination-for-cause provisions is "fraud or dishonesty in preparing, falsifying, submitting or altering documents or records of Ohio State, NCAA or the Big Ten."
More on the Ohio State investigation

After receiving information regarding possible violations and the tattoo parlor (not to mention forwarding the emails), Tressel knowingly signed a routine compliance form stating he was not aware of any possible violations.  If Ohio State is looking for a reason to get Tressel out, the "fraud or dishonesty" clause might be a good place to start.

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 9:40 am

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

Brutus Buckeye I wasnt aware this was a grammar class.Remember Michigan is a tier 1 school we rub elbows with Harvard, Boston college, Sanford. Your Ohio State is nothing more than a state supported university. Dont think you would ever care to challenge me on quality of schools!!! LOL what a joke

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 9:14 am

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

These posts are better than the article.  It is disappointing what is going on at the University.  The issue, which has been stated several times, is that if he would have just come out right away and made his statements, this wouldn't be nearly the issue and his job security wouldn't be in question.  Actually, just the opposite would be the case.  He would be loved even more than he is and he would be put on an even higher pedistal.  

Coach Tressel is portrayed as the "Professor" and "Senator" because he is intelligent and has the aura about himself.  To make statements that he didn't know who to go to is frustrating.  It smells funny. 

I will say this.  I have known Coach Tressel since 1994.  I have not known him well and he might not even remember me, but he has done so much more good than bad for the City of Youngstown, Youngstown State University, and Ohio State University.  

I don't wish ill will on anyone,,,,not Tressel, not Carroll, not Pearl, not Calipari, not anyone.  (Well,,,,,maybe Kiffin,,,,,but besides that,,,,not anyone!)  Just kidding USC Fans!  

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 9:04 am

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired must have also attained your degree from Michigan....I quote...."you would have to come up alot to be in ARE league! you cheated as ARE Michigan newspaper states it..."

What are you a pirate...that would be OUR...nuff said!

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:11 am

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

We would have all been surprised if CBS did not carry another anti-Tressel article today.  I was amazed that they all disappeared by yesterday.  Of course, Tressel would lose money if fired for cause.  Duh.

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 7:37 am

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

say the buckeyes are put on two or three years sanctions. No way will they fire Tressel, he'll apologize profusely, take an offer of no more raises and lead his recruits to whatever he can, because he'll lose scholerships, then when it looks like he can't win, retire in buckeye glory.

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Posted on: April 28, 2011 3:41 am
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Posted on: April 27, 2011 6:16 pm

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

Brutus Buckeye. I attained the level of All-Star in a short time because i say it like it is.That comment came from your Ohio State student newspaper.....The truth is you can"t take the truth!...Oh by the way when it comes to Michigan you would have to come up alot to be in are league!. you cheated as are Michigan newspaper states it................GO BLUE

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Posted on: April 27, 2011 3:22 pm

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

sporthc- get a real game...bandwagon jumping and just being a did you attain the level of All-Star?

Michigan has more holes in it's reputation than any other Big 10 school...or least we forget the Fab-5.  None of that does any of us any good.  The NCAA needs to do what is best for the student athelete for a change and clean up the behind the sceans payments, cars, loans to parents and recruiting violations.  Selling the pants we get for beating your ass or practicing too much is nothing like getting paid to attend the university (Webber) or pulling the student out of a drug house and keeping it a secret! (does Rose ring a bell?) 
So get a real game...and perhaps the last game in November will mean something again!


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Posted on: April 27, 2011 3:10 pm

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

I too have supported Tressel and am a long time Buckeye fan!  To me it is very clear that Tressel broke the rules...for his personal gain!  He believed keeping those boys on the field would lead to his second national championship.  Sadly...had he told the truth...It would have all been settled by now.  Pryor would not be missing the first 5 games...thus improving his NFL chances as well as the Heisman.  OSU would be the preseason favorite and Michigan would have lost yet again. Too many emails to Pa....too many phone calls to the attorney...too many times saying you were protecting "these young men"!  Sorry Jim..but it's time for the vest to move on!  The dot on the i is for intergity!  Bring it back to OSU!


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Posted on: April 27, 2011 2:32 pm

Jim Tressel could lose $3.7M if fired

ATTENTION BUCKEYES ATTENTION BUCKEYES!.........Ben Axelrod, columinist at ....THE LANTERM, Ohio States student newspaper. in a column entitled ..BEHIND HOKE. The Michigan football program is is better shape than Ohio States.............................


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