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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

Posted on: April 28, 2011 5:31 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

In the end, the details of Janoris Jenkins' departure from the Florida Gators are just that: details. Whether Jenkins had any say in the matter, or whether he was simply dimissed by Will Muschamp following his second marijuana-related arrest in a matter of weeks, Jenkins will be playing his football somewhere else in 2011 regardless (if he plays at all).

But that doesn't mean Jenkins didn't deserve to offer the record his side of the story, as he emphatically did in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel Wednesday. Muschamp had tweeted that he and Jenkins "both felt" it was best for Jenkins to "move ahead to the next stage of his career." But according to Jenkins, it was only his coach who felt that way: 
"The only thing he said was I was dismissed as soon as I walked in the room," Jenkins said. "He washed his hands of me" ...

"They know he didn't give me no option to make. … There was nothing else I could have done or said."
Jenkins mentor Sandy Cornelio, who said he had also been present for Muschamp's meeting with Jenkins, claimed that the coach had offered Jenkins "no explanation" for his decision.

Of course, Muschamp didn't really have to spell things out for Jenkins, did he? Given his public mandate to put an end to the Gators' string of arrests under Urban Meyer and instill a greater sense of discipline in the team, Muschamp couldn't really let a three-time arrested star go unpunished without appearing to be as "soft" as Meyer was frequently criticzed for being. Jenkins may complain, but the conflict here really shouldn't be about Muschamp's decisions regarding his team.

That said, if the decision was entirely Muschamp's, he should be honest enough to present it as such. (A Florida athletic department spokesman said the school "stand[s] by" the earlier statement.) Besides: there didn't seem to be much doubt in the reaction to the news that Jenkins hadn't really left by choice anyway. The only functional difference in claiming the decision was mutual and admitting it wasn't was making an already acrimonious situation more acrimonious ... and while Jenkins might have deserved the dismissal he got, we're not sure he deserved that, too.


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Posted on: May 20, 2011 4:04 pm

Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

Glad to hear it Chris!

It would do a lot of good if more people would say legalize it with (at the most) no more taxes than any other normal product. Since marijuana can be used as both food and medicine, it probably shouldn't be taxed at all. Why should the same Government that has wrongfully prohibited this plant for almost 100 years and trashed the Constitution doing it, get tribute money for ending an unconstitutional prohibition?

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp


I am not a proponent of high taxes, I was only noting that the current standard is to burden so called "sin" activities with heavy taxes, cigarettes and alcohol come to mind. So my assumption was that if marijuana were legal that it would be heavily taxed, but this in no way implies that I agree with that. I am very much a fiscal conservative / libertarian and not a fan of heavy taxation and even less so of big government spending, but that's probably too much politics for CBS Sports!



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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp


You'd probably be amazed at what has been accomplished by people that use marijuana! Contrary to popular myth, marijuana DOES NOT prevent people from being active or accomplishing great things. Just look at all the sports stars that have been arrested for marijuana!

You should take a deeper look at the Libertarian point of view. Once you do you'll see that we are opposed to excessive taxes with a passion. Right now we're paying well over 50% of what we earn in some kind of tax. The Government wastes all that and borrows trillions more. We don't have a lack of taxes, we have an astronomically wasteful Government!

The tobacco taxes you mentioned are a great example of over taxing! By the way tobacco taxes account for about 70% of the cost of tobacco.

Why do so many people beg to tax marijuana? Why aren't they demanding that the Government act in a fiscally responsible manner? Before all these wasteful taxes the USA was prosperous and free, now that the Government has got the majority thinking they need the Government to take care of them from birth to death, we are little more than slaves.

You're on the right track about marijuana prohibition. I hope you'll change your position on taxes though. We'd all be a lot better of with a small efficient Government and free markets!

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp


I know you didn't smoke a joint before you wrote that well reasoned but really long comment. If you had, it would have said, "Marijuana should be legal, I'm hungry...."

By the way, I believe in the Libertarian point of view that the government should have a much more limited role than it does, and as such I agree that the war on drugs like marijuana is largely a waste of time, money, and people's lives. Plus think of all the tax revenue they could make on it if it were legal. Cigarettes have about $8.00 a box in taxes, pot could be another huge tax revenue source instead of being a huge drain on revenue because of all the enforcement, legal, and incarceration costs (which would be eliminated if it were legal).

Of course if pot were legal I'd buy lots of Frito-Lay stock because Dorito consumption would certainly double....

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There is ABSOLUTELY no valid excuse for criminalizing adults that are doing no harm to others over marijuana, ABSOLUTELY NONE!

Open container laws have NOTHING to do with consuming marijuana! When people consume alcohol they often get violent, obnoxious, pass out in a gutter and lay there long after they soil their pants and a host of other valid reasons to prohibit consuming alcohol in public. I can go along with the same laws in place for tobacco applying to marijuana but NOT alcohol. Anyone that knows anything about marijuana knows it DOES NOT PRODUCE “undesirable behavior”.

Why do you think people deserve to be punished for something that is not harming anyone and why should they get treatment / counseling? You need to read up on the benefits of consuming marijuana and stop listening to all the anti-marijuana propaganda LIES! Google: “Granny Storm Crow’s List”! It’s more like a library of medical BENEFITS of marijuana than it is a list.

Consuming marijuana is NOT “nuisance behavior” and it is NOT a “harmful habit”! Most people use it because they get some benefit from it, the fact that it makes you feel good is not a legitimate reason for the Government to punish you!

Anything can be used to excess and to the point of being harmful. You can eat enough food to be harmful, you can drink enough water to kill you, do you propose arresting people for that? Marijuana is probably not completely harmless but neither is most of what we consume and do!

In 1988, after reviewing all the SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL EVIDENCE presented in a lengthy lawsuit against the government’s prohibition of medical marijuana, the DEA’s own administrative law judge (Judge Francis Young) wrote


Judge Young's "Opinion and recommended ruling, Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision of Administrative Law Judge", also said:

"7. Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an LD-50. The LD-50 rating indicates at what dosage fifty percent of test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity. A number of researchers have attempted to determine marijuana's LD-50 rating in test animals, without success. Simply stated, researchers have been unable to give animals enough marijuana to induce death.

8. At present it is estimated that marijuana's LD-50 is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means that in order to induce death a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.

9. In practical terms, marijuana cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity." 

The real harm is coming from marijuana PROHIBITION not from marijuana! It’s not marijuana that is a burden to society, it’s marijuana PROHIBITION!

Marijuana DOES NOT CAUSE cancer, emphysema or ANY serious health problems! You need to completely erase the notion that is does from your mind!

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health. This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world’s most controversial plant.

In addition to being a great medicine, marijuana is also a great recreational drug.. FAR safer than alcohol or tobacco in every way. Since alcohol and tobacco are legal, marijuana should be too. Period. End of story.

According to the Government, well over 450,000 people die every year from tobacco. NO ONE, OF ANY AGE, IS ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY, ANYWHERE ON PLANET EARTH HAS EVER DIED FROM MARIJUANA!

All this “unknown consequence” hogwash you keep bring up is just that, HOGWASH! Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and it has been completely legal for most of that time. If any of the nonsense you keep trying to pretend was actually true, it would have been known and proven long ago!

Marijuana DOES NOT cause dangerous driving! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! All the propaganda LIES claiming it does are just that PROPAGANDA AND LIES! Is it possible for someone that has consumed marijuana to have an accident? Certainly but that DOES NOT prove marijuana caused the accident! One study I read even showed that people DROVE SAFER after consuming marijuana than those tested that had consumed NOTHING AT ALL and of course the alcohol consumers tested drove worse than anyone else! 

I’ve watched people under the influence of marijuana for decades and on thousands of occasions while they were driving and doing very dangerous activities including professional drivers, roofers, meat cutters, electricians, a crew that hung from ropes and sandblasted and painted water towers and a host of people doing other very dangerous jobs / activities. I have NEVER seen even ONE of them have an accident!

It’s a medically and scientifically proven FACT that marijuana makes people more CAUTIOUS not more dangerous! Get that through your head too! The driving laws that are being passed are COMPLETELY based in fear mongering and LIES, not SCIENCE and FACTS! That’s EXACTLY how marijuana became illegal in the first place! Crooks with unjust profit and power in mind LIED to Congress to get marijuana outlawed! That’s a FACT, I’ve read the court records! 


Google MARIJUANA DRIVING STUDY. You'll see 2 common findings:

1. Drivers under the influence of marijuana are VERY SLIGHTLY impaired.

2. Unlike those under the influence of alcohol, marijuana consumers are aware they are VERY SLIGHTLY impaired and they CONSISTENTLY ADEQUATELY COMPENSATE by slowing down a little and being a little more cautious. That doesn’t mean they get in the fast lane on the interstate and drive 15 miles per hour. Marijuana makes you cautious, not crazy! Those Cheech and Chong movies were comedies, NOT documentaries!

Here's some well documented history about the "marijuana causes dangerous driving" LIE:
   1985 (with at least 12 re-printings with updates)
"In the 1920s and 30s, Hearst's newspapers DELIBERATELY MANUFACTURED a new threat to Americaand a new yellow journalism campaign to have hemp outlawed. For example, a story of a car accident in which a marijuana cigarette was found would dominate the headlines for weeks, while alcohol-related car accidents (which outnumbered marijuana-connected accidents by more than 10,000 to 1) made only the back pages. This same theme of marijuana leading to car accidents was burned into the minds of Americans over and over again..."

The only marijuana/driving issue that matters is: Does using marijuana cause accidents? The answer is: NO! If you can find EVEN ONE credible scientific driving study that proves marijuana causes dangerous driving, please post a link but don’t waste you time posting anti-marijuana propaganda LIES filled with speculation and words like “may, maybe, might and suggests”. Those are NOT scientific proof they are mostly fear mongering PROPAGANDA!

It doesn’t matter who likes something and who doesn’t! what matters is what’s the truth and what’s a LIE! There is absolutely NOTHING about marijuana, or any other drug for that matter, that CAUSES people to use other drugs! The gateway theory is NOTHING BUT A SHAM! Stop believing it! It is a LIE!

Consuming marijuana DOES NOT “encourage the development of a addictive personality”! Claiming it does is pure NONSENSE! Addictive personality is a mental problem that has NOTHING to do with marijuana! If it was caused by marijuana then 1/3 to ½ the Nation would be suffering from an addictive personality because that’s the estimate of how many people consume marijuana. The same goes for you “Schizophrenia” theory! Marijuana doesn’t cause Schizophrenia, NO MATTER HOW MUCH OR HOW OFTEN YOU CONSUME IT, end of conversation!

I have answered your question about dispensaries not bringing down the crime levels many times already. I don’t know why you can’t comprehend the FACTS. Until marijuana is COMPLETELY LEGAL for adults to grow and buy it like tobacco, there will always be a violent black-market trade profiting from it. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK AT ALCOHOL PROHIBITION to see that! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU HEARD OF ALCOHOL DEALERS GETTING INTO A SHOOTOUT? I bet it was when alcohol was PROHIBITED!

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

You most certainly are advocating arresting everyone! If you have to pay a fine that’s because you were cited for breaking a law, whether you go to jail or not isn’t what determines whether you were arrested. If a cop detains you and writes you a ticket you were arrested!

Enforcement isn't arrest and incarceration.  I never said I was in favor of legalization, or a carte blanche with no accountability or consequences.  It is still undesirable behavior.  It could be handled much like city ordinances like open container laws.  Instead of facing a judge, violators could face a magistrate and do community service and/or attend treatment counselling.  If that was completed, adjudication could be withheld.  That is decriminalization, but not strings- free legalization.  Any fees could be modest to cover the costs of administration only. 

The ultimate consequence is that offenders would not have a record, and maybe they would learn a lesson about mostly nuisance behaviors.  It might convince them to abandon harmful habits.  It would actually lessen the burden that they currently place on society. 
Weed$ucking isn't a harmless activity.  At the very least, it is more damging to the lungs than cigarette smoking.  The medical cost of emphysema alone would be considerable.  Additionally, it does alter brain synapse function with unkown consequences.  Buzzed driving is already enough of a hazard that many states are altering their drunk driving laws to address it.  Whether you like the term, or not, Mary Jane is a gateway drug which psychologically encourages the developent of a addictive personality.  Schizophrenia is another common result of frequent use. 

Those of us who live in a state with medicinal dispensaries know that it certainly does not decrease use or crime.  In fact, many crimes related to the dispensaries have multiplied, creating an additional drain on society. 

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

You most certainly are advocating arresting everyone! If you have to pay a fine that’s because you were cited for breaking a law, whether you go to jail or not isn’t what determines whether you were arrested. If a cop detains you and writes you a ticket you were arrested!

If you’re against VIOLENT criminals then go after ONLY them! Don’t make a criminal out of everyone that uses, grows or even possesses a NONTOXIC plant! Decriminalization is NOT what the name implies. Under decriminalization marijuana is still a CRIME in every way and decriminalization still leaves the ENTIRE trade in the hands of criminals, gangsters, terrorists and illegal aliens.

The courts should not be involved in the use of this plant by adults in ANY way! What’s the point? PLEASE TELL ME EVEN ONE GOOD THING THAT HAS COME FROM MARIJUANA PROHIBITION!

Without PROHIBITION this plant would be no more valuable than any other easy to grow plant. Supply and demand is a factor but the legal right to grow your own will keep the retail sale price very reasonable. Let’s face facts here, anyone could grow their own for virtually nothing in their backyard if it weren’t for PROHIBITION. Most people would still buy, just like most buy their beer and wine, even though they can legally make their own but the right to grow your own is what will kill the black market and eliminate virtually ALL the illegal trade and the violence that is connected to it.

You were EXACTLY RIGHT when you said: “As long as there is money involved, and cartels can supply more goods at a cheaper price, they will, and they will use it to fund their other enterprises.” However, you are EXACTLY WRONG when you say: ” That won't stop because of medicinal marijuana dispensaries, or backyard gardens.” Who do you think will buy from a crook in an alley when they can grow their own or buy marijuana in the same way they buy beer and wine? Very few people today (post alcohol prohibition) even know where they could find bootleg alcohol buy just about everyone knows a place where they can more than likely find marijuana. Let that sink in!

Your on the right track about firearms but you fail to understand that the RESTRICTIONS (violations of the 2<sup>nd</sup> amendment) CREATE a black market that would be virtually nonexistent if the Government would simply restrict itself to the Constitution! All this crap about the Government keeping you safe from drugs and guns is nothing but a huge load or horse crap! Google: Kennesaw GA gun law, if you want a great example! Here’s one article about that:  

If you want to stop violent crime then go after those that break the legitimate laws regarding violent crime! Kids using drugs is nothing but another fear mongering tactic used to justify this unconstitutional prohibition. Parents should be parents NOT the Government! If someone sells or gives drugs to a kid, that’s a legitimate crime and it should be punished but outlawing marijuana has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep kids from using marijuana. In fact, because illegal dealers don’t ask for ID and marijuana PROHIBITION creates the high profit illegal TRADE (that’s got an illegal dealer on just about every corner), run by criminals, marijuana PROHIBITION has actually made access to marijuana by kids far easier than access to alcohol and tobacco. Ask any teen if it’s easier for them to get alcohol or marijuana!

Everyone that uses marijuana is NOT a knot head! If you’d read the FACTS about marijuana that I provided links to, you’d see that this plant has MANY benefits and it’s PROHIBITION is wasteful, harmful and unnecessary. Marijuana prohibition ONLY exists to promote the profits of crooked corporations that sell products that are inferior to cannabis / marijuana / hemp products and as a tool to brainwash WE THE PEOPLE into thinking we should give up our Constitutional rights and FREEDOM so the almighty nanny State can keep us safe.

ONLY Free people own guns and ONLY free people are free to decide what they put in their own body! As long as they are not harming others or their property, then FREE people should be free to do as they please!

You are 100% WRONG about Mr. Jenkins! NOTHING he did harmed anyone! What is doing great harm to EVERYONE is unnecessary, wasteful, harmful, unconstitutional marijuana PROHIBITUION! What happened to him casts a bright light on just how harmful this prohibition is! Stop listening to the anti-marijuana propaganda lies! Learn to think for yourself! Stand up for the rights and FREEDOM documented in the Constitution and help end the madness of marijuana PROHIBITION!

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

NONE of the reasons you are bringing up justify arresting everyone that uses, grows, sells or even owns marijuana. There will always be criminals! No one is saying we should make everything legal! The point is marijuana PROHIBITION CREATES additional CRIMES AND VIOLENCE that will not exist when marijuana is re-legalized.

I'm not advocating arresting everyone- read my posts.  I think decriminalizing is fine- for petty offenses (casual use0, however, legalization is an entirely seperate issue.  Decriminalizing means we aren't bogging down our courts and jails with misdemeanor drug offenses and allowing our law enforcement to go after real violent criminals.  Misdemeanors could be handled administratively by treatment referrals.  I have no problem with this.  Again, the voracious appetite in this country ensures a level of price to make the trade profitable.  As long as there is money involved, and cartels can supply more goods at a cheaper price, they will, and they will use it to fund their other enterprises.  That won't stop because of medicinal marijuana dispensaries, or backyard gardens. 

The firearms situation is a fair parallel.  We have restrictive gun control laws in many American cities.  We also have cooling off laws and legal avenues for purchasing firearms in America.  We also have a huge black market.  It didn't go away just because legal, permitted firearms are fairly easy to legally obtain.  For a variety of reasons, illegal weapons are a huge source of revenue for gangs.  Many times, the same characters trade guns and drugs for similar reasons.  They don't pay taxes on sales, and they don't submit to registration and regulation.  It's hard to see how legalization will have any postive impact whatsoever on the border mess- quite the contrary. 

On the other hand, decriminalization will ease overcrowding in jails, and allow law enforcement to recfocus its mission, streamline its procedures, and allocate limited resources more effectively.  It will not victimize the dumb kid, or the casual knothead user, but will allow emphasis to be where it should be on the real serious criminals. 

All of this is fine as per our discussion of society in general, but as to Jenkins' specific case, it does not apply.  He signed on for a very select and competitive football program with very specific expectations, rules, and expectations.  He chose to violate them and forfeited his privilege to be a Gator.  His betrayal of trust with coaches and his potential influence on attitudes of other younger players made him a clubhouse cancer that had to be removed.

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Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

NONE of the reasons you are bringing up justify arresting everyone that uses, grows, sells or even owns marijuana. There will always be criminals! No one is saying we should make everything legal! The point is marijuana PROHIBITION CREATES additional CRIMES AND VIOLENCE that will not exist when marijuana is re-legalized.

The criminals that try and beat the present day alcohol laws are few and far between in contrast to what went on when alcohol was PROHIBITED. It will be the same when we re-legalize marijuana! No one is going to buy pot from a criminal in an alley when they can get it in the same stores where they now buy beer and wine, or by growing their own, just like they can make their own beer and wine.

Legal medical marijuana has not impacted the cartels enough to matter BECAUSE marijuana is still illegal for the vast majority of those that want to consume it. As long as their is a demand (there always has been and always will be a demand) and as long as huge profits can be made from selling marijuana illegally, we're always going to have VIOLENT marijuana cartels. Since these people can't call a cop when someone interferes with their high profit illegal business, they get violent to protect the huge profits CREATED by marijuana PROHIBITION.

Like I said, legalizing marijuana is NOT going to eliminate all crime by any means BUT marijuana accounts for roughly 50% of the ENTIRE illegal drug trade, so legalizing this one NONTOXIC plant that it is IMPOSSIBLE to even overdose on, let alone die from, WILL TAKE AWAY 50% of ALL THE ILLEGAL MONEY THAT IS NOW FUNDING ALL ILLEGAL DRUG DEALERS!

“When you fund something you get more of it” –Ron Paul. Does ANYONE really think we need more criminals, gangsters, terrorists and illegal aliens?... That’s who profits most from marijuana PROHIBITION!


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Posted on: May 10, 2011 9:46 am

Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

Do all these problems you keep bringing up involve trading in alcohol? NO THEY DO NOT but they did when alcohol was illegal! That ended when alcohol was re-legalized and the same will happen when marijuana is re-legalized!

It's not on the same scale, however, there was/is still an active trade in mountain dew, or white lightning- just because you aren't aware of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  The difference is that cartels exists and won't go away whether its legal or not, just like contraband guns don't just because you can get legal ones.  There is a variety of weapons that aren't available legally, and because the customer doesn't want to deal with the hassle of a legal purchase.  They also may have a record.  They can't legally purchase.  There are all kinds of reasons.  The facts are that where we have legal dispensaries, illegal street use has not decreased.  Those are the real facts. 

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