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Hawaii could join Shurtleff BCS lawsuit

Posted on: May 4, 2011 12:55 pm
Edited on: May 4, 2011 12:56 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Utah attorney general Mark Shurtleff's long-gestating antitrust lawsuit against the BCS may finally have found itself a co-plaintiff.

The emphasis here is on "may." But after months and months of searching for more state A.G.'s to join the suit, Shurtleff can say that Hawaii is at least considering it:
Shurtleff said he and Hawaii AG David M. Louie "talked at length" about the suit at a national attorney general's meeting in March and "he (Louie) was very interested."

Subsequently, Shurtleff said, "we've heard from his staff and we're working on an agreement to be able to share information with them confidentially."

A spokesman for Louie's office said, "We're still looking into it."

Shurtleff said "I'm hopeful many states will join us and I'd love to have Hawaii join us."

You'll note that this is still far from a done deal; as enthusiastic as Shurtleff sounds, until Louie's office makes a statment more positive than "we're still looking into it," there's no chickens to be counted here just yet.

But Shurtleff can at least say he's in the ear of someone who might support him, which is more than he's been able to say since he first announced his plans following Utah's uncrowned, undefeated 2008 season.

The support of other states might be that much more important, too, now that it can't be nearly so big an issue in Shurtleff's own. The Utes have since joined the Pac-12, of course, and thanks to the league's ginormous new TV deal stand to make some $17 million per year off television alone thanks to that membership. Even if Utah State (and Hawaii) stand to benefit, will Shurtleff's constituency really stand for his office's time and funding go towards a suit that would aim at taking BCS money out of the Utes' pockets?

As of today, the answer appears to be yes. But if Shurtleff is forced to go it alone without the likes of Hawaii's or any other A.G.'s assistance, we have to wonder.


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Posted on: May 5, 2011 1:40 pm

Hawaii could join Shurtleff BCS lawsuit

Playoffs will improve college football... End of story... I literally believe that if all comes to shove and the BCS is stated to be voilating antitrust laws as well as being as it may unconstitutional then we will see a playoff system... Playoffs are better cause you will be able to put the best teams and conference champions as such against the rest of the Nation and see if there are legitimate to play-up to be the Best team in the Country...

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 10:15 am

Hawaii could join Shurtleff BCS lawsuit

I could accept the fact that if the BCS conferences had all of the top teams and the non AQs were not remotely close to hanging with the so called big boys. Despite the 87% to 13 % split in revenues we have had 11 non BCS programs in the final rankings the past 2 seasons the highest number of any conference other than the SEC that also had 11.

These schools are able to compete on budgets that are 5 to 10 times smaller and put a quality product on the field with recruits that the bigger schools did not want. In terms of scheduling, the BCS schools are scheduling more schools from the FCS ranks or the lowest level non AQ conferences in hopes of being rewarded with an 18 million dollar BCS game. The idea thet a school like Washington State who has not put a competitive product on the field will rake in 17 miilion from a TV contract in addition to the 40 plus million that the conference will split from the bowl games while a program like Boise who has been ranked inside the top 5 with little to no TV money and 5 miilion conference split from their bowl appearences will only widen the gap from the haves to the have nots.

College football will be reduced to the 2 or 3 conference games that will have meaning a bunch of David vs Golaith mismatches until we get to the bowl season. BCS schools have no interest in playing other BCS programs where they have a chance to loose the game.

The idea that more states are not behind this suite is puzzling to me. Many of these schools are public institutions that are funded with tax payer dollars. There is huge money generated here that helps with the bottom line and these revenues are being hoarded by 6 conferences. The crazy thing to me is that in the same state you will have a BCS school who rakes in millions and a non BCS program that is getting bye on crumbs why more AG's and state officials are not behind this especially in a time where everyone is hurting for money.

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Posted on: May 5, 2011 9:55 am

Hawaii could join Shurtleff BCS lawsuit

It wouldn't be taking money out of the Utes' pockets.  He's trying to get a playoff which would lead to much more money for the teams.  Also, the funding is coming from antitrust funds from what he's said in interviews.  

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