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Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

Posted on: May 27, 2011 7:25 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Earlier this month, the world learned of Aaron Kniffin, the car salesman who allegedly sold cars to dozens of former and current Ohio State football players. Kniffin, if you'll recall, told reporters that the Ohio State compliance department directed its players to him on a routine basis, and that it reviewed the sales before they were made final. That doesn't sound terrible in and of itself, but those transactions are currently under investigation by the school and independent investigators, looking for any improper sales that may run afoul of NCAA regulations.

Interestingly, the Ohio State director of compliance, Doug Archie, denied Kniffin's account of events and said he had only talked to Kniffin once, that his office never reviews sales documents, and that his office never refers players to certain car dealerships.

Kniffin is not backing down from his claims, however. In an interview with the Sporting News published this afternoon, Kniffin puts the number of times he's talked to Archie a little higher than "one"; let's try "well over 50," in fact:

“Doug Archie has called me well over 50 times,” Kniffin said. “This year alone, I’ve talked to him 25-30 times. You can print out your Verizon (phone) bills; his numbers are right there calling me.”

When asked why Archie, who did not immediately respond to voice mail messages, said he only spoke to Kniffin once and denied that the deals were approved by OSU compliance, Kniffin said, “That’s something you’ll have to ask him. I’ve got records of it.”

Kniffin says he also has a copy of an affidavit he signed for Archie detailing the sales process, and stating no NCAA violations occurred during the process. That affidavit, Kniffin says, was sent to him by Archie four days after the May 7 story appeared in The Dispatch outlining potential NCAA violations.

Kniffin says the Ohio State compliance department—“either Doug Archie or Chris (Rogers)”—approved every co-signer on every loan, and knew every person associated with the deals.

Now, Kniffin is not alleging that any impropriety occurred, so it's not as if he's trying to bring down Ohio State or is clearly satisfying some sort of ulterior motive. Archie also stated earlier that he has "no reason to believe a violation has occurred," so it appears at this point that this investigation is more due diligence than anything else.

The fact that Archie appears to be misrepresenting his relationship with Kniffin is absolutely troubling, though. It's the behavior of someone with something to hide, and the NCAA usually doesn't care much for people who hide information from it. Of course, Archie made his statements to the Columbus Dispatch and not NCAA officials, but if what Kniffin is describing is true -- that Archie's compliance department checked out Kniffin's dealerships and made sure everything was on the up and up, why on earth wouldn't Archie make that known? If there are no violations, after all, then Kniffin's story makes Ohio State's compliance department look orders of magnitude more competent than how Archie characterizes it.  

Still, it must be reiterated that Archie had better hope like crazy that the investigation definitively uncovers no wrongdoing, because the alternative is an absolute nightmare for Ohio State. If Kniffin's allegations that Ohio State funneled athletes to these dealerships are correct -- and generally, the first person to offer to produce a paper trail is telling the truth -- and if there are untoward deals being made, then this is a situation where a NCAA member's compliance department is directing its athletes to break NCAA compliance rules, and that would be an outright sham. Still a lot of ifs in that situation... for now.


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Posted on: May 30, 2011 11:33 am

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

Sorry olbuzz, but it looks like the clowns are winning.  Your coach resigned today, so why don't you come back and tell us all how this is all chickenfeed again.  Coaches lying to the NCAA is not petty, but about as big a violation as you can have.  The leadership at the school supporting the liar made the whole program look bad.  I suspect someone told Gee to get his head out of his rear and do something before the school got the hammer from the NCAA.  They will still be punished, and it should be at least as bad as USC, but it could have been worse if Tressel were still on the payroll when the hearing happened.  I realize this is a sad day for tOSU, but the pain is all self-inflicted.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 5:01 pm

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

, I know for a fact you are not telling the truth. When I was on hard times, Kniffin let me stay at his place until I got on my feet again. Their family was the best. As far as "getting over on people", He's always looking for good business, and if those deals come with some extra things, the majority would take that cake. Keep your opinions of what you think is moral to yourself!

The last car I bought, I handed out free tickets to the local zoo. He was just a good salesman and doing a good job.

As far as OSU is concerned, they'd better just go over scenarios before answering questions to the media, because making yourself look bad by back sliding is not the way to go. A PR nightmare. Good luck Bucks, you'll probably need it.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 5:00 am

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

You freaks come out of the woodwork when there's a ray of hope of implicating Ohio State with some petty wrong doing.  Petty because thats what this is.  And once again the result will be a let down for all the Hyena's again. The fact in all this is, the infractions committed
are not at all uncommon across the college football.  If Jim Tressel's withholding of the facts occurred as the reality show media would portray. He'll surely be tried in federal court and and serve the minimum 20 yrs to the max of burning in Hell.
There's some pieces missing in the tabloid presentation. They'll no doubt come out in the end. Fortunately for that school, coach and players the NCAA will probably be a little more realistic in weighing all the events. A group of players sold some of their personal positions and autographs for tattoo's and probably some modest amount of money. Coach is informed of this thru and during an ongoing federal investigation and doesn't run to the trash picking media... Which he is known for laying waste to for their soul selling tactics of creating smut... whether it exists or not.
There are investigative reporters from every media outlet in the country scouring Columbus Ohio for that golden piece of trash. No D1 program in the country would stand up to that scrutiny. They've broken rules..but those same rules are being violated nationwide and no coach in the country would have reported in these rule violations in the same situation. The frenzy these Clowns create over chickenfeed in the quest for a news flash should be a violation of... Common decency 

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 1:38 am

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

I think we should talk about this on the college football site.  Just a thought, stupid or otherwise.

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Posted on: May 29, 2011 1:09 am

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

From someone who knows and has worked with Mr. Kniffin, let me emphasize what a complete thief and liar his is.

He was ran out of Columbus in car dealership circles because of his pathologically deceptive tactics, naked opportunism and outright theft.   He's ripped off hundreds of customers and auto dealers throughout central ohio  and you need to get some backgorund on this amoral bottom-dweller.

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Posted on: May 28, 2011 2:40 am

Salesman: OSU associate AD called 'over 50 times'

Someone needs to explain to OSU's compliance department director, if you are going to make a statement saying you have only talked to Kniffin one time, that he doesn't have cell phone records to prove otherwise.  LOL

Sounds to me like someone is trying to save his own ass, otherwise, why would there be any reason to make the statements Archie made?

Lies compounding other lies.  OSU is just hoping if they lie enough, they can get through this without getting hammered.  OSU needs to PRAY they don't find any wrongdoings in this whole car deal or there is going to be a shit storm coming their way.  The violations they will getting from the Tattoo Five and Tressel's lies will look like a slap on the wrist if it is found there is any wrongdoing over the last couple years at the car dealerships.

As i stated already -- How does a car salesman, such as kniffin, given free tickets with field access passes to the National championship game, the BCS game this year, and so many home games, the coaches have now put him on banned list of people who can no longer receive free tickets????  LOL.  I just bought a new car and I can't even tell you the name of the person who sold me my car, yet in Columbus -- car salesmen are given free tickets BY PLAYERS. 

Yeah -- nothing stinks about that!!!!  LMAO

beer is great
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Posted on: May 27, 2011 9:23 pm
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