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Posted on: May 31, 2011 1:08 pm
Edited on: June 3, 2011 4:14 pm
By the Eye on College Football bloggers

To celebrate the (now fewer than) 100 days remaining until the first Saturday of the new college football season, this is the College Football 100: our countdown of the 2011 season's 100 most influential players, coaches, administrators, venues, or any other related
things in college football. It's like that other "most influential" list, but, you know, more important. Also: it's supposed to be fun. Enjoy.

70. AGENT X, compliance disaster in-waiting, Potentially Everywhere. He's out there right now. Lurking. Ready to provide student-athletes with extra benefits at a moment's notice. "He" is Agent X, the person keeping compliance officers and athletic directors up at night. 2010 saw Agent X burst on the scene as infractions cases at USC, North Carolina and Auburn dominated the headlines. X could be a number of people, from a runner looking to steer kids to a school to an agent hoping to sign players when they eventually head to the NFL to an uncle looking to make a quick buck of the football talents of a kid.

From high school 7-on-7 tournaments to college campuses, the NCAA has taken notice of Agent X as well. They were out in the spring trying to learn more about runners' methods and a few of the major players. Compliance seminars have talked about ways to spot the tell-tale signs. USC, who was impacted by shady third parties as much as any school, hosted a summit designed to come up with way to combat the problem. Agent X is still out there though--and highly liable to pop up in a headline or two sometime, somewhere over the next few months. -- BF

69. DABO SWINNEY. head coach, Clemson.
One of the reasons Swinney was promoted to head coach after Tommy Bowden's mid-season exit in 2008 was his reputation as a stellar recruiter. We saw those skills in action this past February, as the Tigers brought in multiple huge late commitments on Signing Day--enough to bring their class rank all the way up into the Top 10. It always takes a few seasons for a new coach to make the program his own, and this upcoming season could be a pivotal one for Swinney. After 2010's 6-7 record, Swinney swiftly made changes on the coaching staff, most notably bringing in Tulsa offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Morris' fast-paced productive offense hopefully will alter last season's offensive struggles, but much of that will also depend on first-year starting quarterback Tajh Boyd.

The greatest challenge for Swinney in the upcoming season (or two) will be the personnel decisions with so much highly-rated talent coming into Death Valley. With so many players from the ACC being selected in the NFL Draft, the conference has come under fire in recent years for not being able to make the most of their talent while in school. Fans have drooled over Swinney's last two classes, and there will not be an acceptable excuse for another losing season. Swinney was fast to act after 2010 finished, now his decisions will either pay off or crash and burn. At 41, Swinney has a long career ahead of him in college football, but his length of time at Clemson could depend on how the next two to three seasons play out. -- CP

68. JARED CRICK, defensive tackle, Nebraska. It's pretty much impossible to win in a physical conference like the Big Ten without superior line play, so Jared Crick's decision to come back to Nebraska for his senior season bodes very well for the Huskers ... and very poorly for their opponents. Crick, a 6'6", 285-pound beast from Cozad, NE, was second in the Big 12 in sacks and fifth in tackles for loss--both ridiculous numbers for a defensive tackle. He's going to be drawing constant double-teams this season as a result, so look for his teammates up front to have even more opportunities to make plays than usual.

Of course, it's impossible to be a standout defensive tackle at Nebraska and not invite comparisons to Ndamukong Suh, Crick's former teammate. Both are terrifyingly powerful and athletic, and while Crick's production hasn't met Suh's level yet, Suh's junior stats (19 TFL, 7.5 sacks) are only marginally better than Crick's (14.5 TFL, 9.5 sacks). Crick may not meet Suh's senior-year level of performance this season, but that's really only another way of saying he probably won't be a Heisman finalist. Probably. He's a mortal lock for preseason first-team All-Big Ten, at least, and where he goes from there is up to him. -- AJ

67. CASEY PACHALL, quarterback, TCU. There was supposed to be a long, drawn-out battle to replace TCU's departiing quarterback and leader, Andy Dalton. After a few weeks of spring ball however, it was clear that the 6-foot-4, 210-pound Pachall would be the Horned Frogs signal-caller this season. With a strong arm and the ability to move around the pocket, the redshirt sophomore has more physical tools than Dalton did when he became the starter.

The redshirt year is important as it allowed Pachall to learn for a year behind Dalton and then receive some game action as the backup last season. Pachall has just nine career pass attempts -- which has to give you pause if you're a TCU fan -- but head coach Gary Patterson has raved about his performance as much as the typically understated coach can. It will be tough to fill Dalton's shoes after he won 42 games, but TCU believes Pachall will be able to fill them admirably as the school transitions from the Mountain West to the Big East. -- BF

66. 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11,  day of remembrance. The second Saturday of the 2011 season won't be just another college football Saturday. It will be the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Every generation has that one moment in their history they remember for the rest of their lives -- the Kennedy assassination, John Lennon's death, the Challenger explosion -- and while the players on the field this fall were anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13 on that day, they no doubt remember exactly where they were when they first found out about the World Trade Center or the Pentagon.

Much like in 2001, when sports like football and baseball helped restore a sense of normalcy to life in this country, this day's college football will help show how the United States has healed. Obviously much has changed since then, but on this particular Saturday, when we take the time to remember that tragic day and mourn all the lives that were lost, we'll also be able to turn on our televisions and watch a game -- together -- that was played long before 9/11 and will be played for a long time after. -- TF

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65. BRYCE BROWN, running back, Kansas State. Bryce Brown is a name that has been known to college football fans for a few years now, even if he hasn't spent much time on the football field. The nation's No. 1 prospect out of high school in 2009, Brown spent a season in Tennessee before asking to leave and eventually making his way home to Kansas State, where he sat out the 2010 season. Now Brown will find himself in a feature role in Manhattan and will likely be a deciding factor in whether or not Kansas State returns to a bowl game in 2010.

While Daniel Thomas left some big shoes to fill, the Wildcats offense is one that should suit Brown. Bill Snyder loves to run the football and Brown will get plenty of chances to show the Big 12 why he was such a highly rated recruit out of high school. If he can live up to the stars that were attached to his name, Brown could be the difference between another seven-win season in Manhattan or a New Year's Day bowl. -- TF

64. ZACH COLLAROS, quarterback, Cincinnati. When Collaros was the backup quarterback behind Tony Pike, Bearcats fans got to see glimpses of a talented gun-slinger who they believed could continue the success they had experienced under Brian Kelly. And when Collaros finally got the starting job for himself in 2010 under first-year coach Butch Jones, he put together a 2,902-yard, 26-touchdown campaign--good enough to lead the Big East in both categories. Unfortunately for Collaros and Jones, those numbers will not be what is remembered from last season. Instead, Bearcats fans are still on edge from the 4-8 campaign that led to the program's first bowlless season since 2005.

But Collaros shoulders just as much of the blame for last season's struggles as anyone else on the roster. In addition to leading the conference in touchdowns, he also led the conference in interceptions. There was a lot of attention on the struggles of the Bearcats' defense (which allowed 28 points per game), but as the senior starting quarterback of this team the responsibility for Cincinnati's return to the top of the conference will fall on Collaros. He'll have the talent around him to put up big numbers once again (top receiver D.J. Woods returns, and former Tennessee commit Kenbrell Thompkins is now eligible), but a restless fan base will only care about the numbers in the win column in 2011. -- CP

63. STEVE KRAGTHORPE, offensive coordinator, LSU. The mind still boggles: in 2009, just two years removed from a national title and with an attack featuring multiple blue-chip recruits and future draft picks, the Bayou Bengal offense finished dead last in the SEC in total offense. Last. 12th. Sub-Vanderbilt. With his job (quite understandably) on the line, now ex-LSU coordinator Gary Crowton led a revival last year that took the team's total offense ranking in-conference all the way up to ... 11th.

Exit Crowton. And enter Kragthorpe, who arrives on the job with as tricky -- and as pressure-packed -- an assignment as any new assistant in the country. He must streamline Crowton's overstuffed playbook. He must finally produce some consistency out of quarterback Jordan Jefferson, or make the highly-combustible transition to JUCO transfer Zach Mettenberger. He must overhaul a two-minute offense that in recent years has given Chinese fire drills a bad name. In short, he must make the LSU offense something much, much closer to what the LSU offense ought to be ... and if he does, the Tigers' terrifyingly athletic defense should be capable of doing the rest on the road to Atlanta. -- JH

62. BYU'S TELEVISION CONTRACT, independence-driving document, BYU. Why did the Cougars make the unprecedented decision to go football-independent in the era of the superconference? Because whether it's in Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, there's one thing you'll be able to do in both cities next year: watch BYU. That's the promise of the school's new-found independence and a Mountain West-free media contract that allows unprecedented access to BYU sports across the country. Nearly 140 events will air in high definition on ESPN or the school's own channel BYUtv. The rest will be available online as well as iPads, Xboxes and cellphones.

It's a new era for the school that is one of the few with a true national following. Every football game will be televised and the Cougars will see more exposure than they ever had in the MWC There's still work to be done as school officials responsible look to expand the reach of BYUtv but the promise of Cougar fans being able to finally watch their team without hunting around TV Guide is near. You might have heard about "TV everywhere," but be prepared for BYU everywhere with the new contract. -- BF

61. DENARD ROBINSON, quarterback, Michigan. Denard Robinson hardly needs an introduction. The man known by millions of fans as "Shoelace" set college football afire last year, leading the Big Ten in rushing yardage and rolling up a ridiculous 4,272 yards of total offense--good enough for second in the nation (only Bryant Moniz of pass-wacky Hawaii outpaced him). Robinson's one-man show was a delight to watch, but therein lies the problem: football is not a sport for one-man shows, especially when that man is just 193 pounds. Robinson got dinged up multiple times last season, enough to take him out of some games early, and that hammering's not going to stop any time soon.

Enter, then, incoming head coach Brady Hoke, who quickly named Robinson his starting quarterback but now must find a way to keep Robinson healthy for the span of the season. A tandem with Tate Forcier worked well at times last year, but Forcier has transferred after academic and personal issues. Devin Gardner is still around, but is he good enough to reliably spell Robinson for a few series every week? If not, Robinson's likely going to spend a lot more time in the pocket, and Atlanta Falcons fans who remember Jim Mora Jr.'s experiments in turning Michael Vick into a pocket passer probably have hair standing up on the back of their necks at the thought. No, nobody likes to see the fastest man on the field get the football only to stand still. But nobody likes to see the fastest man on the field get rocked 20 times a game and struggle to get back up, either, and that's the quandary Michigan faces in 2011. -- AJ

The 100 will return here to Eye on CFB tomorrow. Until then, check out Nos. 100-91, 90-81, and 80-71. You can also keep up with the 100 by following us on Twitter.


Since: Nov 29, 2009
Posted on: June 1, 2011 11:45 pm College Football 100: 70-61

red801 has demonstrated why the utes will quickly become the most despised team in the pac 12...their fans. 

Since: Jun 1, 2011
Posted on: June 1, 2011 12:47 pm College Football 100: 70-61

I think Red801 might need to travel more or move out of the 801 area code for the 1st time in his life. BYU was relevant long before his utes ever were and have consistently been so for 30 years. I'm a Notre Dame alum and fan and was absolutely baffled by the crowd Utah brought to our game last fall. There I was, expecting to meet a humble, respectable crowd akin to the crowds we have seen when BYU has visited over the years. Utah comes to town and shows an arrogance I haven't seen since Miami in the 80's (at least Miami had national titles). Even their band was disrespectful. And for what? 2 bowl victories? C'mon Red, you can do better than that. Call me when your utes (what is a ute anyway?) win a trophy that's worth something. Until then, all you are is Boise State *.5.

Since: Oct 24, 2006
Posted on: June 1, 2011 3:31 am College Football 100: 70-61

Red sounds an awful lot like one of those religious bigots doesn't he?

Utah has developed a fine program in the last fifteen years, certainly on par with the rest of the top 30 or so programs regularly.  I love that Utah turned two undefeated seasons into top 5 finishes and BCS games. 

Utah has also never sold out it's cozy little 45,000 seat stadium for three straight seasons.  BYU was averaging 45,000 fans a game back in 1976-79....has averaged nearly 64,000 fans since 1982.  In terms of fan support and program respect, UTAH hasn't actually reached Fresno State in the minds of least so far as fan support and attendence is concerned.  I think Utah is a good addition to the PAC-12 for other reasons.  Utah should force my UCLA Bruins to toughen up.  But Red801 clearly is a fan and wears his hatred on a sleeve for the people that BUILT UTAH and made the scrub desert cushy for him.  Perhaps Red should step away from the bar - it makes him nasty.   Those of us who love and respect UTAH and especially Kyle Whittingham (and his staff and players) are greatly disserved when the drunk and obnoxious take pen in hand to post their bigoted slures against people that likely did him and his ancestors no wrong. 

Stop bending your elbo Red and grow the heck up.

Since: Oct 9, 2006
Posted on: June 1, 2011 1:23 am College Football 100: 70-61

Let's see.....Jake has yet to beat a team with a winning record (the SDSU win was rigged), he averages 14 points a game, so impressive.

But yeah, a beast!

Since: Oct 9, 2006
Posted on: June 1, 2011 1:21 am College Football 100: 70-61

Ha, quick everyone, listen up, without cheating, what channel is BYUtv on?

Yep, nobody knows.......and the general public (not cult members) will not even find them, but congrats on your independence.

Since nobody will invite you to play with the big boys, you can just go play by yourself.

The line-up of bowl game ties is impressive, oh yea, they are the same as the conference ya just left, big improvement, huge!

Your not a BCS school, and you never will be.........

Since: Oct 24, 2006
Posted on: May 31, 2011 8:33 pm College Football 100: 70-61

Kragthorp may not have done that well at Louisville, but he has a great offensive mind.  He is a very good fit for LSU.

TCU found a replacement for Andy Dalton's uniform right away, but replacing Andy Dalton will be a lot tougher.  TCU has combined tenacious defense with stellar play action running and passing the last few years to overtake BYU and UTAH in the MWC where all three are national quality top 30 programs regularly now.  TCU will be good again, but the jury on how good is out.  They may be right where BYU was last year.

Speaking of BYU, the move to freedom seems to have resulted in nothing but good vibrations all around.  BYU was a 65,000 seat, always filled top 25 program BCS quality program stuck mainly by reason of regligious bigotry and geography in the middle of nowhere.  While Latter-Day Saints (BYU) and Catholics (Notre Dame) will always get their handfull of bad calls, those programs are still benchmarks in quality, ethics, academics and morality at a time when college football is in desparate need of good story lines.  Neither program has perfect student athlets, but both programs are perfect for national audiences and lightning rods for commerce on a televised stage.  BYU has it's own TV Network which minimizes much of ESPN's pre-production costs to access high entertainment value sporting events, and BYU gets to about 10 x the number of TV's as before (under the MTN contract).  Notre Dame on NBC and BYU on ESPN - I like where those two schools are going!  I think both will finish in the top 25 with one or both having shots at top 10 years.  Heck, BYU's schedule is such that it  could go undefeated (Old Miss and Texas OTR stand in the way to begin the season) it could finish in the top 2-3.  Notre Dame doesn't have a much more difficult path either.  Wouldn't it be fun to see to programs that feel the student athlete is still an athlete last, student second and a complete soul first play for a National Title in stead of the Atom Ant frat boys we see at all those BCS AQ elite institutions that keep disgracing the game?  

It has been 10 seasons since 9-11, and no we have not forgotten...and never will.  Semper fi.

Since: Sep 29, 2008
Posted on: May 31, 2011 4:34 pm College Football 100: 70-61

So pumped for BYU to be out of the Mountain West. That was the worst TV deal in the history of college sports. Now people can finally see the QB Jake Heaps and WR Hoffman. Those guys are beasts and fun to watch.

Since: Aug 18, 2010
Posted on: May 31, 2011 2:17 pm College Football 100: 70-61

LSU needs Kragthorpe to be who we think he is; which is a great QB coach and OC.  If he can just get our offense to around the top half of the league, then LSU will be a serious contender for both the conference and NC.  We cannot expect to win 10+ games again with that awful looking offense.  Peterson gave us short fields many a time last year, and he is off to the NFL.  We need to sustain some drives and wear down some defenses.  Obviously easier said than done.  Geaux Tigers!!!

Since: Dec 15, 2009
Posted on: May 31, 2011 1:32 pm College Football 100: 70-61

Must be a slow year if you need to include the x anniversary of 9/11. Honestly, it has nothing to do with college football

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