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NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

Posted on: May 31, 2011 3:44 pm
Edited on: May 31, 2011 4:04 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

NCAA President Mark Emmert has only been on the job officially since November, but as many have pointed out - there has never been a more tumultuous time in college sports. From player and coach scandals to the ongoing criticism of the Bowl Championship Series (and scandal within the BCS), it seems that many of the pillars of the NCAA have come under more scrutiny in the last year than ever before.

One particular hot-button topic recently endorsed by Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany and SEC commissioner Mike Slive is the idea of discussing "full cost scholarships" for student-athletes. Many people believe that the amount of money given to student athletes in their scholarships does not cover the full "cost of living" during their time at the college or university. Emmert was a guest on Mayhem in the AM on 790 the Zone in Atlanta on Friday, and weighed in on student athletes being paid.

"I’m as adamant as I’ve ever been about having student athletes be students. We do in fact provide it to many of our universities - full cost of attendance scholarships and financial aid. It’s really consistent with everything that goes on inside of universities and it wasn’t widely covered in the media. This was something I’ve been talking about again for six months. The notion of converting student athletes to employees and providing them with a salary and changing their status from one student athlete to ‘quasi-professional’ that’s where I draw the line and I draw it sharply.”

What Emmert believes is not "covered well by the media" includes non-athletic scholarships offered by universities. Many "full cost of attendance" scholarships include stipends for extra living expenses. The argument, of course is that providing such stipends for student-athletes would jeopardize their amateur status. Not to mention, current requirements under Title IX legislations would require for thousands upon thousands to be poured into the program by universities to ensure balance is maintained among the different athletic teams.

When you listen to the interview (you can stream the MP3 from 790 The Zone here), Emmert goes on to defend the swag from bowl games with the "tradition of college football." The issues at hand are present because they were not considered when the rules were established in the "tradition of college football." Now we are dealing with the intersection of the "tradition of college football" and the "business of college football."

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 10:27 am

NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

The solution to this is ---  (There is no solution)..  This has been an issue since the 1920's --  Writers have been doing books on the subject since then...

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 10:25 am

NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

Jokes11 I agree with you. I was an invited walk-on for div. 1 football a long time ago. Say the amount is 150 k over five years, would many of these people take that kind of beating for 30k a year job??? it is alot of blood & pain and hopefully your univ. is good enough, as a team to provide you with a couple of once in a lifetime moments on the field.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 9:27 am

NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

Bottom line is this... Give a full four year scholarship to the student athlete.  No more "has to be renewed" each year.  The student decides the he/ she does not want to continue to play... THE SCHOLARSHIP REMAINS for the assigned period and does count against the sport total, (football has a total of 125, basketball 20, baseball 40, etc...) over the limit no more scholarships.  I would also introduce more scholarships based upon graduation rate, start at 75%.  Schools and the NCAA take advantage of these YOUNG PEOPLE.

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NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

When are the Agents going to go after the H.S. players and hold up the universities? That seems to be the only way to break this system of labor acts that are atrocious. Has anyone played at the Div I level of a sport? I have as an invited walk-on.... let me tell you, you have know idea of the talent, skill or the heart it takes to get through a practice.... You can't speak about what they deserve when you are not capable to compete at their level or intensity. I hate it when I hear how they should be thankful to get 150,000 per year for a college education. Guess what, when your out there sweating and bleeding and getting whacked like a bull is kicking you..... then you can talk about how much is enough to pay these guys. Its a brutal sport that any intellectual would not understand. Its mean, nasty and hateful out on the field... Its not as glamorous as it seems. Trust me, they earn a lot of money for the schools...

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NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

my advice to high school star athlete with the potential to go pro is to sign with international or semi professional league instead of goin to college atlease they get paid and can support themself and family n then can go to big leagues when eligible. ncaa make billions off student athlete and in return then suspend or take away scholarship for accepting free items or gifts sometimes as simple as food and drink etc. im not saying colleges should start paying player but atlease have a cap amount or reward system to where they can earn or recieve free or discounted items or service...25% of players who graduate that doesnt go pro or semi pro cant find jobs in there field of study so a degree pretty much worthless and in the real world finding good job is all about who you kno..the fact college exec vp scout coaches etc make millions in salary shows they can give more incentive to student weither it for in class or on the field preformance so the can earn bigger stipens

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NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

@Lanceito44  Your comments have become the popular position of ESPN.  Your comments are also the most unintelligent position out there.  These guys get tens of thousands of dollars in tuition.  That IS the something.  If you do not understand that, you are not intelligent enough to have a conversation with, sorry.  The jereseys paid for by the school, marketed by the school and bought by people who attend and have attended these schools and they could care less about the actual athlete.  Ohio State fans buy a Pryor jeresey because he is the Ohio State QB, NOT because he is Pryor.

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NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

Well Mike R, if your daughter played Div I you might have a leg to stand on but didn't... Not taking anything away from her accomplishments, but it was Div II.. Div I is a whole different thing... I was a Div I football player and we are far from spoiled prima donnas...  Not everyone is getting tattoos and cars...  The fact that she was content has nothing to do with what a Div I athlete should get... I'm not saying they deserved to be paid huge amounts of money but with all the money the NCAA makes off of them, they deserve something... I don't think its fair that players who get their jersey # sold all over the place get not a dollar from it... No where else in our soceity is this OK, so why would it be OK here...

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Posted on: May 31, 2011 9:02 pm

NCAA President Emmert on 'full cost scholarships'

I had a daughter go to school on basketball full scholarship at a DII school.  She lived in the dorm and ate in the school cafeteria when she wasn't being fed at team meals.  You know what I paid for her to go to school for 4 1/2 years??? $400 for damage despoit for the dorm room and I got $350 of that back. The only thing it cost me was the gas and the 3 1/2 drive to get her to school and back.  SO don't tell me these spoiled prima donnas need to have more money to blow on tatoos and cars and apartments. By the way my daught was no run of the mill player either. She was a 2 time all american and was a Kodak All American her senior year. She scored over 2400 points and had over 1000 rebounds in her career. She was perfectly content to live in the dorms and eat at the cafeteria.  They get too damn much now at the DI level and definately don't deserve any more. 

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