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Coaches (and LeBron) respond to Tressel decision

Posted on: June 1, 2011 5:44 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Since seemingly the entire college football world is talking about Jim Tressel's decision to step down at Ohio State amid the program's growing improper benefits scandal, it's no surprise that his contemporaries across the FBS are, too.

Perhaps most solidly in Tressel's corner is Texas's Mack Brown, who had this to say:
“He’s done a lot of great things in college football,” Brown told the [Austin] American-Statesman, “and I know he’ll be a hall-of-famer at some point.”

“Jim Tressel’s a good friend,” Brown added. “I hate it for him, and that he and Ellen (Tressel’s wife) are going through this.”
Tressel's rival at Michigan, Brady Hoke, was similarly supportive ... if not so supportive as to abandon his habit of not actually naming the school from which Tressel resigned:
“I have great respect for Jim Tressel and what he has accomplished during his coaching career. We enjoy competing in ‘The Game’ and have great respect for our rivals in Ohio. Our program looks forward to the last weekend of November.”
At the SEC spring meetings, Bobby Petrino wasn't quite as sympathetic, saying he "felt" for Tressel but also questioning why the "Buckeye Five" had been eligible for his Razorbacks' Sugar Bowl defeat to OSU. (A discussion of his demands that his players tell the truth also seemed to be a rebuke of Tressel's cover-up attempts.) Nick Saban, though, used a military metaphorto express his reaction (emphasis added):
"I guess if you were in the military, we would say we lost a fine comrade in this whole thing," Saban said Tuesday at the Southeastern Conference spring meetings. "He's a good friend. He's been somebody that I've had a tremendous amount of respect for for a very, very good number of years. We kind of grew up together in coaching. I'm from the Big Ten - Ohio and Michigan are places I've spent time in coaching, and we crossed paths quite a bit. I always had a tremendous amount of respect for Jim Tressel as a person and professionally - the way he sort of handled his business with a lot of class and character."
While we're talking about Ohio, though, we may as well mention the reaction of one of the state's most famous sons ... and most hated villains. Via our sister Eye on Basketball blog, LeBron James:
"He's done some great things for that university. It's unfortunate all the allegations and things that have come out in the past year," James said."Everyone in Columbus and Ohio knows how important, how great he was for the team and university ... "I wish him the best, and the organization. Hopefully the university will come back. It's one of the best universities we have in America."
That's a very nice thing for LeBron to say. The guess here is that he's still not allowed inside the state's borders.

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 6:47 pm

Coaches (and LeBron) respond to Tressel decision

WoW Ok correct me if I am wrong...Some college students,traded what some, jerseys maybe some hats for some tatoos? is like "Whatever boys will be boys" imagine that! why is this stupid topic such a big deal? why is this a big deal ? did somebody get their feelings hurt? My god people cast stones at yourself ! better yet hang yourself and do this world a favor! Next thing ya know people will tell the students they are not allowed to strip to support themselves through college! Or wait tables,hell man they can't even hook ya up with a buckeye jersey for a tatoo! This just disgusts me ! I hope all you sissies burn in hell for making this a scandal.Futhermore i hope your mangina's will forever be small!

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Posted on: June 1, 2011 6:19 pm

Coaches (and LeBron) respond to Tressel decision

As an Ohio State graduate I must say that the events of this weekend makes me disappointed in my university.  Lets be clear from the get go, did Jim Tressel lie, and the answer is of course.  Was that the right thing to do and the answer is of course not, and he should be punished however the university deemed necessary and then modified based on the NCAA opinion on the case.  Jim Tressel did what he did for the kids, as there is not a selfish bone in his body, and furthermore Ohio St could have plugged in some other players without any significant dropoff just like they did last year in the secondary when they sustained numerous injuries as the program is bigger than any one, or five, or nine players.

The disappointing part is the powers that be in the university initially decided to stick behind their coach because they know what kind of man he is and what a great loss he would be to the program.  Then because on constant media pressure they decide enough of this public relations mess and time to abandon ship and fire the coach to save face.  That is not the values I think our great University wants to be known for by not standing by someone who you know has the character to be a great representative of the school.  Buckeye haters don't get the word character and perfect confused because there is not a one of anybody; coach, reverend, priest, president, player or whomever who has not lied in the past so lets stop being hypocritical.

At any school once the digging starts there is going to be a problem no matter what school and what coach.  A email about tatoos intentionally misdirected in 2010 does not equal knowledge of the practice in 2002 although it may.  Right or wrong every kid in any school is going to close their hand if someone puts something in it rules or no rules.  Even though the kid is getting an immensely valuable education, the media creates the perception that the school is taking advantage of them, and most college kids athletes or non athletes are not wealthy anyway, so of course the kid feels entitled. 

If Ohio St would have fired Jim Tressel on the day the indiscretion was discovered I would have disagreed but understood the decision because of the public persona of the man and wanting to distance themselves from untruthful behaviors.  But once they decided to stick behind the man and then buckle to peer pressure, now I feel disgraced by my university leadership.  What Tressel did has not changed from the day it ws discovered until Monday May 30.

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