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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Posted on: June 10, 2011 7:29 pm
Edited on: June 10, 2011 9:14 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

According to a report in the Plain Dealer, Ohio State first received a warning about photographer Dennis Talbott as early as 2007. Talbott was recently alleged to have paid Terrelle Pryor anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000 for signed memorabilia. Allegations that Talbott has steadfastly denied. In the latest report it's said that Talbott has been dealing with Ohio State players and signed merchandise for a few years now.

In a March 21, 2007 email to Tressel, which was provided to the Plain Dealer, a source gave the following warning about the alleged online activities of Talbott, a Columbus-based freelance photographer who also is involved in memorabilia sales:

"He has sold over 50 items with underclassmen signatures before their eligibility expires and would seem to be someone that both you and the university is aware of. I have a full report of his eBay activities if you would like to explore further or require documentation."

The email was sent to the account That is the same address that Columbus attorney Chris Cicero used to email Tressel in April of 2010 about OSU players selling memorabilia, an email that Tressel did not disclose to his bosses, an NCAA violation that eventually led to his May 30 resignation.

The Dealer goes on to say that even though Ohio State and Jim Tressel had been warned about Talbott in 2007, that did not stop Talbott from receiving free tickets to eight games in 2008, though the names of the players who left the tickets were redacted from the record.

Ohio State then received a second warning about Talbott in 2009.

The second warning about Talbott to OSU came in the summer of 2009. Two employees of Scioto Reserve Golf Club contacted members of the athletic department after seeing Talbott and Pryor golfing together. One employee said he talked to an Ohio State assistant coach he knew socially, and was told the matter would be taken care of. Another employee, Regan Koivisto, the club's general manager, said he called the football office and detailed his concerns while talking to an administrative assistant.

"I just thought it would be best if the coaching staff was aware, because I'm certain they always had their players' best interests in mind and would want to know," Koivisto told The Plain Dealer.

So you'll begin to notice an alarming trend taking place at Ohio State under Jim Tressel. Tressel would be alerted about potential problems with his players and then do nothing about it. Despite the concerns about Talbott expressed to the school, that didn't stop Ohio State from allowing Talbott to work as a credentialed photographer at home games in 2009.

Obviously, on the surface, Terrelle Pryor playing golf with somebody isn't anything to be alarmed about. But when that person is somebody you've already been warned about in the past when it comes to his relationship with Ohio State players, the fact that Ohio State wouldn't address the issue is mind-boggling.


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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Oh whit, you are so delusional thinking that this is all over.  This is just the beginning and the "circle the wagons" defense at Ohio State is just making it worse.  Dude, if you laughed at the USC penalties, you'll be crying about "the Ohio State University" penalties.  Suggestion for you, put your head down between your legs, streach your neck out and kiss your a** goodbye.

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

look moron. schools are known to give athletes jerzees with their name on them after the season is over. who the hell would give out used jerzees next year with a previous persons name on them. tell me donkey since you seem so entitled like your chit dont stink. as far as people paying players. who cares, i sure as hell dont. all this improper benefits didnt cause Arkansas to lose to OSU.  besides if people want to give money for whatever they seem fit it shouldnt bother you or me. tell me why is it improper to get a free meal, tell me why dumba$$.

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Posted on: June 13, 2011 8:50 pm

Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Only one problem, this whole started with an FBI investigation and the FBI CAN and will subpoena anyone they wish too. Also if the IRS or State of Ohio think they were bilked out of taxes that should have been paid or were underpaid, they can subpoena anyone or records they wish. Once those records are made public then the NCAA can use them as well.  

Draper, you make a good point that dovetails nicely with mine.  The NCAA has no power of subpoena, so it tends to rely on court testimony to do the work for them.  That is what brought USC down in the Reggie Bush case.  The same could be true for Pryor or Tressel, but seriously, what could they be dragged into?  The federal investigation was about Rife's alleged drug trafficking.  While it is possible OSU memorabilia could be an issue within that case, I can't imagine why it would.  As for Talbott, the IRS does not need to drag him into court over unpaid taxes.  The IRS has the power to place liens and seize assets without any involvement from the courts.  I presume the State of Ohio has similar power.  So the only remaining question is will the IRS/Ohio go after Pryor for back taxes, and would that information be made public?  That is possible, especially if there is a paper trail of cashed checks as is rumored.  I hate to say it, but personally, I see the NCAA coming down with new allegations of Failure to Monitor.  Reason being OSU was warned about Talbott, and failed to cut off his press passes.  On the flip side, OSU did tell players to avoid the guy because he was bad news. 

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Summers Eve, Makes me feel fine! lol

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Agreed.  OSU fans deserve every bit of this.  They are the biggest douchebags in all of sports.  The AD and President need to go for sure.  Just a matter of time before the basketball program gets caught...again.

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Posted on: June 13, 2011 2:00 pm

Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

Sure, let's just sweep everything under the carpet, and not make any inquiry into the allegations that a number of players prior to 2008 had sold memorabelia.  Are you really that naive?  Or is it that you think others are that naive.  The NCAA left the campus earlier in the year as well, thinking they were done. 

Mizzou, the post you responded to had a good point. No, of course this is not over.  Of course the NCAA can come back if there is there is any additional evidence of wrondoing.  However, the NCAA cannot force Pryor, Tressel or anyone else outside of the program to talk.  The NCAA has no power of subpoena.  Are you so naive as to not realize that?  There are many things that are documented, like the car deals and Tressel's e-mails.  Whaterver wrongdoing is proven in those documents will result in punishment for OSU.  Anything that requires confirmation from Pryor or Tressel for the NCAA to prove, forget about it.  Not that this is right or just, but it is a reality. 

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Report: OSU warned about Talbott in 2007

old news Dodd.  great reporting.  only 2 weeks late.  maybe you should be the first columnist to report on the errors of the SI article about the other 9 players who got tattoos.  They were cleared of any wrong doing and half of them dont have tats.

I've looked and looked for something from the NCAA regarding clearing those players, but have only found links to OSU message boards and to something someone said on a sports talk radio show.

Has it been reported anywhere else?

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