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VIDEO: Deshon Marman's 'altercation'

Posted on: June 18, 2011 1:10 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

You know, every year with the amount of college football players that find themselves in trouble with the law for some reason or another, there's always that one crazy story. This year's crazy story has to be that of New Mexico defensive back DeShon Marman. I was sitting in a hotel lobby earlier this week with a couple of my fellow bloggers here at Eye On College Football when the story came on the television and we looked at each other confused, wondering if it really said "New Mexico football player arrested for wearing saggy pants." You know, because that makes a lot of sense.

As we now know, the story involved Marman wearing his pants a bit to far below his waist while boarding a U.S. Airways flight and was asked to pull them up. The next thing you know, Marman is being arrested for suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. According to the police report, it took "15 to 20 minutes of talking to get [Marman] to leave the plane, and he was arrested for trespassing."

There have been conflicting reports of what really went down on the plane, but thanks to the man who was in the seat next to him, we now have some video of the incident. Though the video is only three minutes long.

Judging by what we see in the video, to me, Marman just seems like a kid with the same goal as everybody else on a flight: to get to where they're going. You can hear him tell the plane captain what he told the flight attendant and that he has pulled his pants up, he's paid for his ticket and he just wants to go home. Who knows what happened before and after the video, but this video makes it seem like it wasn't Marman who was causing the disturbance. 

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Posted on: June 20, 2011 11:23 am

VIDEO: Deshon Marman's 'altercation'

Typical young punk that thinks the rest of the world revolves around his schedule. 

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Posted on: June 18, 2011 9:31 pm

VIDEO: Deshon Marman's 'altercation'

You have good ears because I didn't hear any curse words.  Let me listen again.......still none

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Posted on: June 18, 2011 8:28 pm

VIDEO: Deshon Marman's 'altercation'

Problem with this video, is it doesnt explain what happen in order for the police to be called on the plane. You can hear him argueing with the captian and the police security. Whether he is right or not, this video does no justice for anyone. There is still to much that isnt recorded and alot of the story missing. Its he said one thing, and im saying another. So this video to me is clearly irrelevant to the case against the player or the security. But i can tell you, he is causing a scene by cursing and raising his voice and throwing accusations that he knows his rights and blah blah blah. There is no need for that. 

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