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PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

Posted on: August 3, 2011 7:54 pm
Edited on: August 5, 2011 4:02 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Who's in your Top 5 for the best tailbacks of 2011? experts J. Darin Darst and Adam Aizer sat back down today to hammer out their top fives, and the answers may shock you!

Well okay, they probably won't shock you, unless you've got an unusual amount of hope in, say, Bryce Brown putting it all together at Kansas State.

If you don't have nine minutes to listen (which, yes you do, but whatever), here's each podcaster's top five.


5. James White, Wisconsin

4. Bobby Rainey, Western Kentucky

3. Trent Richardson, Alabama

2. Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

1. LaMichael James, Oregon


5. Chris Polk, Washington

4. Bobby Rainey, Western Kentucky

3. Knile Davis, Arkansas

2. Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina

1. LaMichael James, Oregon

Briefly, I don't have a whole lot of problems with the top of either guys' list, but I think they're putting too much stock in the 2010 stats of each guy -- specifically Trent Richardson. Yeah, Richardson had only 700 yards last year, but if we're talking about 2011, he's easily a better Heisman prospect than Chris Polk or Bobby Rainey. Moreover, if you had Richardson, Polk, and Rainey in the same backfield (and keep in mind Auburn had RBs Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown, and Brandon Jacobs in 2003, so it's not an impossibility), you're probably starting Richardson before Polk or Rainey, right?

Anyway, if they'd asked me for my five, it'd go James at the top, followed by Richardson, Lattimore, Davis, and then Rainey. Trepidation about Lattimore not handling a full workload might be fine in August, but by September or October I think it's going to be pretty obvious that Richardson is a freakish manbeast of the highest caliber. James is the best candidate for a 2,000 yard season so that's why he's my number one, but really, we're arguing about relatively small levels of difference in quality when we're talking about this highest echelon of running backs, so keep that in mind for this debate.

Who's in your Top 5? 


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Posted on: August 5, 2011 3:46 am

PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

Sorry Allmadden but you are dead wrong about the Pac-10 not playing defense. Considerthe bowls - how many points Auburn scored on Oregon (22); Nebraska scored on Washington (7); Va Tech scored on Stanford (12) (all wins for the Pac-10 except Oregon.)

Oregon and Auburn last year were the top two offensive teams in the country and their close game (22-19) was an indicator of the relative balance between the top of the Pac-10 and the top of the SEC. The Oregon offense does afford an opportunity for LeMichael James to put up big numbers. But every defense was geared to stop him and will be again this year. James seems the leading candidate for the Heisman trophy but the media usually fauns on the SEC opening the door for one of these others.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 10:38 pm

PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

ALL OF YOU NEED TO RECOGNIZE.   Lattimore is only a sophmore. I know White is a Sophmore also, but the others are Juniors. Look at Lattimore's numbers from last year, and he was a TRUE FRESHMAN, WOW! Not to mention he played in the SEC. He did not play against Vandy, and he only played a 1/4 and a half against Kentucky. Over 200 yds against Florida, (in Florida), and still had over 1000 yds for the season. White, playing in the Big 10, WEAK. Who does W. Kentucky play? (can you name five of their opponents for this year, without looking it up? NO). Oregon, the PAC-10. They don't even play defense in that division. Now I will give Props to Richardson,BUT I am willing to  bet that Lattimore has at least 300 yds more rushing than him this year.

  As for Harris at BC, the best RB in the ACC wouldn't even start for at least 5-6 teams in the SEC. He couldn't even hold Lattimores helmet.
Who in the ACC is gonna be good? You got Fla. ST., I think they will Va. Tech is only in there for name sake. The SEC has 8 teams, thats right "8". BC couldn't handle playing 4-5 ranked teams in the same season. By the way Lattimore scored twice as many TD's than Harris last year, and like I said he was only a Freshman playing in the SEC, While Harris, a Sophmore then was playing in the ACC, against Wake Forest, Webber St. Kent St., Duke and NC St. Come on Man. You should be a shame of your self for even bringing up his name in this conversation.

By the way. these are all FACT's, everything on paper. Not making up anything. You can search it if you want to.
I wish South Carolina would play BC

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 8:49 pm

PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

I think puttin Lamichael James at #1 is fine right now (I do think it will be changed up by seasons end), but Richardson hasn't proven he is better than Lattimore.  Richardson hasn't made it through a whole season yet with taking the whole workload (plus Lattimore outgained Richardson AND Ingram COMBINED last year in their head-to-head).  I think by seasons end though, Lattimore will be asserted himself as the top RB in the nation, and become the top candidate for the Heisman going into the offseason for next year.

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Posted on: August 4, 2011 3:50 am

PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

Montel Harris of BC is a stud!!!! He should be considered far and away best RB if not best offensive player in ACC and could definitely be top 5 in the nation

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Posted on: August 3, 2011 9:12 pm

PODCAST: Top 5 running backs of 2011

Adam get a life. You have no idea at this point who the top 5 are.
Thanks and you're dismissed.

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