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What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Posted on: September 4, 2011 2:53 am

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

1. LSU isn't going anywhere, even with Jarrett Lee at the controls. The expectation is that one of these years, one of these games, putting out a quarterback scarcely more competent than your average Sun Belt starter is going to finally catch up with Les Miles and the Tigers. Saturday night's 40-27 thumping of Oregon wasn't that game, though, and this may not be that year.

As my collegue Bryan Fischer wrote, Lee didn't do anything to lose the Tigers the game; the flipside is that he barely did anything to win the game, either, putting together a 10-for-22, 98-yard effort that we promise you'll see referred to in the dictionary next week in the entry for "pedestrian." Aside from one well-thrown fade to Rueben Randle for his only touchdown pass of the evening, Lee's primary instruction for the night was just to stay the hell out of the way.

And, as it always seems to for Miles, that instruction worked to perfection. The Tiger defense and special teams forced four turnovers, Spencer Ware and Michael Ford combined for nearly 200 yards on the ground, the LSU secondary held Darron Thomas to a miserable 4.4 yards per his 54 attempts, and only a last-second Duck touchdown prevented the final from being a three-touchdown rout ... even though Oregon finished with more total yards than the Tigers.

We still don't think it's likely LSU wins an SEC championship with Lee at the helm and completion percentages just over 45 percent in the stat book. But looking at what the Tigers did against one of the nation's best teams Saturday, you can't rule it out, either.

2. Florida will have a say in who wins the East. First, the caveat: FAU is bad. Really, really bad. As in, "may finish dead last in the Sun Belt" bad. But still: the casual ease with which the Gators brushed the Owls aside -- scoring 24 points over the first four possessions, holding FAU to 30 rushing yards on 30 carries, outgaining the Owls by 331 yards -- was the farthest of far cries from last year's opening-week wheeze past Miami (Ohio). Bad team or not, Florida pounded the Owls the way an SEC contender ought to pound them.

Meanwhile, the two teams expected by many to top the East standings had less-than-comfortable Saturday nights. Georgia, of course, began 2011 looking for all the world like the same team that ended 2010. South Carolina spotted East Carolina a 17-0 lead by starting Connor Shaw, then ran off 56 of the game's next 70 points behind Stephen Garcia. Still, there's little doubt that being caught in a four-point game late in the third quarter and outgaining the Pirates by all of six yards wasn't what Steve Spurrier had in mind.

It's still too early to anoint the Gators East favorites, or even on even footing with the Gamecocks. (As for the Bulldogs, well, maybe if they'd just kept things close ...) But it's not too soon to recognize this as a three-team race until such time the SEC standings say otherwise.

3. Auburn should be happy, but it shouldn't be confused. Somewhat lost in analyzing the rampant flaws that led to the defending national champions' 38-28 deficit to Utah State has been the resolve and determination that led to their stunning comeback; for Gene Chizik to hold his senior-laden 2010 team together in the face of staggering deficits is one thing, to do so with his all-but senior-free 2011 team another. Going back to the 2009 Outback Bowl, Chizik has now won nine straight one-possession games, a testament to his team's remarkable fourth-quarter focus and resilience.

But being a resilient team is nice. Being a good team is better, and even the cardiac-inducing Tigers of last year didn't bother to let the likes of Utah State take them to the wire. Thrilled as Auburn fans have a right to be with the comeback, it also shouldn't make them blind to the kind of major issues that result in needing a borderline-miraculous comeback against a 4-8 WAC team in the first place. Much as the aforementioned Miami (Ohio) struggles proved an accurate foreshadowing of 2010's Gator troubles, so it's now safe to say Auburn will not challenge for the West title ... and against their brutal schedule, might need every ounce of that resilience just to make a bowl.  

4. Jacksonville State didn't show up to this year's party. The three SEC-on-FCS matchups Saturday were every bit as lopsided as the SEC might have hoped, with Arkansas blasting Missouri State, Tennessee handling Montana by an impressive 26-point margin, and even Vanderbilt getting into the act with a 45-14 thumping of Elon in James Franklin's debut. Exactly how much these victories mean is a matter of conjecture -- FCS schools, after all -- but at the very least the conference avoided the kind of egg on its face Ole Miss's infamous loss to JSU's Gamecocks produced in last year's opening week. (That egg is perhaps being saved for Jacksonville State's visit to Kentucky.)

5. Speaking of the Rebels, they still don't have a quarterback--or an offense. There's no shame in losing to a solid-enough team like BYU by a point, even at home. But totaling barely more than 200 yards and averaging all of 3.6 yards per-play, 2.2 yards per-rush, and 5.1 yards per-pass ... there's some shame in that. And the quarterback issues that have plagued the Rebels for years showed no signs of abating; Houston Nutt turned to JUCO pocket-passer Zack Stoudt for the bulk of the second half, and Stoudt rewarded him by fumbling the game away on the goalline. The road back to relevance for Nutt and the Rebels still looks plenty long.

6. AJ McCarron is Alabama's quarterback. The battle might continue officially, but we're ready to declare a winner.


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Posted on: September 6, 2011 2:56 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Please don't take Razorhog too seriously. He does NOT represent the majority of the Razorback Nation :).

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 1:32 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

haha, i love the comedy post.  Arkansas with the best D by far.....that's hilarious.  (insert sarcastic tone here): I hope LSU's defense can step it up after their lackluster perfomance against a sub-par team.

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 12:58 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

TYpical Arky Razorback fan .... spouting off ignorant and arrogant comments. 

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 12:45 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Says the Florida fan who cant speel, the Gators are goin to the NC game.  HAHA!  You must have been smoking the same stuff Ole Miss was smoking in the 4th quarter of their game saturday.  You guys beat FL Atlantic.  Whoop de doo!  Still have everything to prove.  And although i hate saying this so early, I see an upset in 2 weeks down in Gainesville.  Get ready for it.  Vols will come out of nowhere to win the East this year.  Giving that we continually get better each week as we did last year.  We shall see.  But i ll be damned if i will listen to an ignorant Gator fan talk about how great they are by beating Fl Atlantic.  Shut that toilet you call a mouth. 

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Posted on: September 6, 2011 1:44 am

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

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What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Utah State was 4-8 last year but it is worth noting their first game of last season.  They came very close to knocking off Oklahoma who were ranked in the top 10 at the time and ended up winning a BCS bowl.  It certainly doesn't mean Auburn will do as well this year as OK did last year but the sky isn't falling either.

AJ McCarron may be the winner but if the Tide can't fix their turnover problems in the next week, they will be eaten alive in State College.  Five turnovers to Kent State is not what you would expect from the #2 team in the nation.  Their defense was able to carry them this week but that won't work against Penn State nor most of the SEC.

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Posted on: September 5, 2011 12:29 am

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

 See ya in 'nawlins Bull fans!  Go Gators!
Are you guys going to go to the National Championship game to root for the SEC team that actually makes the game?

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 11:39 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

You will CHOKE long before the champ. game!!!! You have a _ _ _ _horn coach leading you!!!

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What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Arkansas is easily the best team in the West, probably the SEC!!!! Their DEFENSE is the best in the confrence, by far!!!! F___ florida, lsu,alabama. and miss. st. !!!!!!!!

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 1:32 pm

What I Learned in the SEC (Sept. 3)

Florida Over USF in the BCS NCG!  The Gators are primed and ready to go!  We are the sunshine!  We are Florida!  Fear the Chomp!  Time to Rip up the SEC and crush the Noles!  See ya in 'nawlins Bull fans!  Go Gators! I also liked Bama and Miss State to put up great fights this year.  Florida lucks out on missing MSU, but we could face them in the Title Game.  Another fun possibility, although I doubt it will happen is this. Lsu beats florida handily this year.  Florida narrowly beats LSU in Atlanta.  Florida has 1 loss, so does LSU.  Does 1 loss Oregon jump LSU?  I think we'd be seeing LSU-Florida for the 3rd time! 

Go Gators!     

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