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Jerry Kill released from hospital

Posted on: September 15, 2011 4:46 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Five days after suffering a seizure on the sidelines during his team's 28-21 loss to New Mexico State, Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill has been released from the hospital, according to Gopher team doctor Pat Smith.

“He is in good spirits and eager to get back to work," Smith said. "He has no restrictions and is free to return to work when he feels up to it."

The question hanging over the Gophers as they prepare to take on a potentially underrated Miami (Ohio) team is this: could Kill "return to work" as soon as this Saturday?

He's done it before; as the head coach at Southern Illinois, Kill suffered a seizure and returned to the Saluki sideline the following weekend. And Kill's assistants have already gone on record as saying they'd be "shocked" if Kill wasn't back in his Gopher headset this Saturday. Kill has already been discussing his team's gameplan with coordinators Tracy Claeys (defense) and Matt Limegrover (offense) from his hospital room.

And thanks to the continuity between Kill and his staff -- Claeys has been on Kill's staffs for the past 15 years, Limegrover the previous 12 -- Kill could likely step in this late in the week without much disruption at all to the team's preparation. From a football standpoint, the only question is whether (as Smith said) Kill feels "up to it."

We won't pretend we're not hoping he is, since his team (and arguably all of college football) could use the kind of inspirational moment Kill leading the Gophers out of the tunnel would provide. But until Kill says one way or the other, We'll simply have to wait to see if it comes to pass.


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Posted on: December 19, 2011 2:04 am

Jerry Kill released from hospital

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Jerry Kill released from hospital

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Posted on: September 17, 2011 3:54 am

Jerry Kill released from hospital

Ok - so that was just confirmation that it was hot on the field.  I had a strong feeling that contributed to Coach Kill's collapse.  The team will just have to be dilligent in making sure to remind Coach Kill to stay hydrated. 

I agree about the 2-3 year mark for Kill but I am fearful that if he has any steps backwards that Minnesota will lose their patience and can him too soon.  I find it amazing how so many major college programs can their coaches so quickly sometimes when they know that it takes a lot of time to build a program - it doesn't happen overnight. 

Brewster did a nice job bringing in raw and young talent but he had a terrible time getting them to perform on the field which was his biggest shortcoming.  I think that Kill can and will win sooner than 2-3 years with Minnesota and Minnesota certainly has a lot going for them not the least of which is a new beautiful outdoor stadium instead of playing inside the outrageously outdated Metrodome.  I think it's amazing how quickly the Metrodome went from a premier sporting venue to a dump.  The Metrodome is as desireable as the Silverdome is in Pontiac MI but it still houses an NFL team.  Anyways, the Vikings and the Metrodome are another story for another day.  I think that Minnesota's new outdoor stadium is a big time selling point so I don't think it will be hard to recruit players to play for the school.  I think that the young players are in place to make for a good "core" of players who can comprise a special team that will grow together as they head towards becoming seniors and graduation.  The key for Kill will be his ability to surround the young and talented core with even younger players from signing classes so that those players can take the torch from this current group and so on. 

Coaches that have long gaps in their talent groups are the ones that post 0-8 seasons when the team is "down" and a lot of the times people like Brewster get axed because they couldn't get a decent signing class for one year.  Missing just one year can set a program back 5 years.  As an Oklahoma State fan I saw what happened when a coach had one bad year signing players in the late 90's.  Bob Simmons (the coach at the time) had a great core of players from his Alamo Bowl team of 1996 but he had a terrible signing class in 1997 and by the end of the 1999 season Simmons was looking for a new job.  In comes Les Miles who did what Simmons was unable to do - recruit consistently.  Miles had 3 years of great success at OSU before he departed on good terms to LSU leaving behind alumnus Mike Gundy to run the program and he has continued to continually sign great talent every year resulting in no "down" seasons. 

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Posted on: September 16, 2011 11:28 am

Jerry Kill released from hospital

I was at the games saturday and although temperature wise it was about mid 80's, the sun was brutal and took all the energy out of me just sitting in my chair and I am sure on the field it was much hotter. I have never seen 30-40 thousand people not make one sound while they worked on our coach, you could here the walkie talkies of the EMC working on him that is how quiet it was. Very scary moment considering we all thought it was a heart attack before seeing him start flailing around when he came through. Once we figured it was a siezure I think we were relieved knowing his history and his wife was on the field and was not panicking so she knew he would be all right. His medical staff needs to make sure he is hydrated since it does contribute to the seizure. As for this team it is a year or two from being competitive, I like the QB they have that is a freshman, as soon as they realize that Gray is a better playmaker and receiver and stick the freshman in at QB they will be better. Give Kill time, he will get it rolling in 2-3 years. Lets not forget that Brewster took an 8 win team and went 0-12 and Kill took on a team whos defense was terrible last year. He will be a good coach just give it time.

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Posted on: September 16, 2011 2:10 am

Jerry Kill released from hospital

Wow - that whole event sounds awfully scary to have happen on the sidelines.  I have heard of head football coaches having small heart attacks during games and even dropping dead while on the field due to the stress and emotions that can get the better of you thus putting stress on the heart. 

I wonder if it was outrageously hot during the game.  One of my friends who never had a history of ever had seizures in his entire life had a seizure when he got severely dehydrated - I wonder if that was what happened to Coach Kill both times he has had seizures during games.  I guess they never found any additional evidence that he was at risk to have another seizure because they have allowed him to return to work without any restrictions.  I bet the coach was driving them nuts in the hospital because he couldn't sit still because he was preparing for the game against Miami of OH.  If Kill isn't drinking enough water I think they need to remind him to drink water while coaching - just because he isn't out on the field doesn't mean that he's not sweating and doesn't mean that he shouldn't be drinking just as much water as the players. 

Regardless of the cause, I wish Coach Kill well.  Despite the loss to NM State he appears to headed in the right direction - especially when you consider that they only lost to USC by two points and by a touchdown vs. NM State when the team was routinely being blown out the last few seasons.  I hope that Minnesota fans are patient this time with their newest coach as they have put a short leash on all coaches since Glen Mason blew that 38-7 lead against Texas Tech in the Insight Bowl.  Kill's predecessor Brewster just had too rocky of a road as coach to bring success to the Golden Gophers.  I was surprised that the school decided not to keep Jeff Horton as the head coach after the success he had as the interim coach - the team may have gone 3-2 under him but was very competitive.  I think that Brewster was excellent at recruiting and did have the chips in place for Minnesota to be a good team but failed to do so as a coach.  A lot of people are not aware that Brewster is almost single-handedly responsible for convincing Vince Young to be the QB for Texas and not Virginia Tech where he had already verbally committed to play.  While Young has certainly been a bust in the NFL, he won the National Championship with Texas by knocking off powerhouse USC.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers are my favorite Big 10 team and I hope that they continue to improve under Coach Kill and that he doesn't have another seizure on the sidelines - that's really scary!        

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Posted on: September 15, 2011 7:19 pm

Jerry Kill released from hospital

See you at the game Sat. Jerry hope you are feeling better

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