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Oklahoma statements spell trouble for Beebe

Posted on: September 21, 2011 12:57 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Now that it seems CONFERAPOCALYSAGEDDON is over for now -- I give it two weeks -- schools must go about the business of pretending that they are happy everything has worked out the way that it is working out. Which is why Oklahoma's athletic director Joe Castiglione and Bob Stoops released statements on Wednesday saying they were happy to still be members of the Big 12.

We'll start with Stoops statement, since it's your basic, cookie-cutter release.

“I’m very pleased that we’re staying in the Big 12 Conference and appreciate the opportunity to work very closely with President Boren throughout the decision-making process," said Stoops.

Then there's Castiglione's, which doesn't really break from your typical statement on the surface, but if you read between the lines a bit, there's more to it.

“I’m in full support of President Boren’s announced decision for OU to remain in the Big 12," said Castiglione. "The reforms which he has been discussing with the presidents in the conference are very important to the future stability and strength of the Big 12 Conference.” 

While I'll glance over Castiglione saying it is David Boren's decision for Oklahoma to stay in the Big 12 and pretend that the Pac-12 announcing it wasn't taking any new members had nothing to do with that decision, it's the second sentence that grabs my attention. The one about the reforms that Boren is discussing with the other presidents of the Big 12.

You may remember a report yesterday in which Oklahoma said that it would remain in the Big 12 if the conference replaced commissioner Dan Beebe. Well, looking at what Castiglione said in his statement, it seems that while the Big 12 may survive this mess a bit longer, Dan Beebe won't be.

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Oklahoma statements spell trouble for Beebe

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Oklahoma statements spell trouble for Beebe

Oklahoma, the nation's best team (September-December).....

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 1:16 pm

Oklahoma statements spell trouble for Beebe

I said this on a different article and I said it last year...the Big 12(-) is a dead man walking.  I don't see it surviving 2 more years when all the major teams want out.

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