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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

Posted on: September 22, 2011 12:38 pm
Edited on: September 22, 2011 12:39 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems that three games was all Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell needed to see from quarterback Joe Bauserman to realize a change was needed for the Buckeyes on offense. Fickell announced on his radio show Thursday morning that freshman Braxton Miller would start at quarterback for the Buckeyes on Saturday against Colorado.

While Bauserman performed well in Ohio State's opener against Akron, throwing for 3 touchdowns, he wasn't very good against Toledo and Miami the next two weeks. In those two games Bauserman completed only 41% of his passes for 202 yards and 1 touchdown. Miller also played well against Akron in the opener, throwing for 130 yards and a touchdown while also rushing for 30 yards.

He didn't see any time on the field against Toledo, but played against Miami, throwing 4 passes for 22 yards. Like Bauserman, he didn't have much of a positive impact against Miami, and had two costly turnovers, but he also brought a bit of a spark to the Ohio State offense. Miller's ability to make things happen with his legs is just a facet of the offense that is not available when Bauserman is in the game.

It's also something that's needed with the suspensions of so many Buckeyes playmakers stemming from the fiasco last season that led to the dismissal of Jim Tressel and departure of Terrelle Pryor.

Miller was one of the most highly-touted quarterbacks coming out of high school last season, and was seen as the eventual successor to Pryor in Columbus. While he wasn't supposed to be starting this soon, it's become pretty clear that Ohio State isn't going to win the Big Ten this season with Bauserman at the helm, so it seems the coaching staff feels it's time for Miller to get some experience.

Though Bauserman is still expected to share time with Miller under center.

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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

Yo hail.  I like your style.  Always have, always will.  We must be from the same blood line.

I agree to a point.  Yes, he's certainly got talent but he's way to over-hyped.  Reminds me of Sam McGuffie.  You tube sensation but never really did pan out.  Same deal.  Braxon is just plain way over-hyped.  If you ask most suckeyes, they'll tell you he's the second coming.  I think not.  In 3 years he's just another washed up Columbus criminal.  Just like liar Pryor.  In fact, he reminds me of him too.  I admit in the beginning when Pryor was deciding to come to a real school or OSU I was thinking,.. I really want this guy.  I'm so glad we didn't get him.  He actually was never really that good.  In fact, for the most part, he sucked.  He won't be anything at the next level as well.

I think this fall will go WAY longer than the next few years.  It'll take 10 years for you nuts to recover. 

Go Blue.  Go Tigers.  Go Lions.  Go Redwings. 

Whatcha got Ohio?????   NUTHIN!!!!

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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

Wishful thinking hail is my name.    There was no Lack of Institutional Control charge nor Failure To M. charge, for the nth time.   follow the news.   precedent shows that punishments are always minor in the lack of either of these charges.    maybe if michigan could feel a good team, you could beat osu staight up, and wouldnt pitifully, despartately have to hope for some heavy schollie losses in order to "level the field" so to speak. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2011 2:43 pm
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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

Please, your an idiot if you think the hammer is coming to OSU. The NCAA already said there will be no LOIC, and thus anything more than a few scholarships lost, is all they will get.

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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

forbes certainly has more credibility than a buckeye fan (unless, of course, the writers took some illegal gifts to influence the article's contents---perhaps a free tattoo or a deal on a car).   seriously though, i'm no buckeye fan, but i did watch the Miami game and Bauserman was not effective in any way.  time for a change.  however, the new kid is still a freshman and probably won't be much better for a while.  one more thing--how can SOME of you supposed "fans" say that bauserman sucks, or blows, etc.  he's just a kid playing for your school and trying his best.  show a little class buckeye fans--stop being the trailer trash rednecks everyone thinks you are

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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

bigrick33-Do your homework on OSU and Pryor and a few other players and you will know what im talking about.

beer is great
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Braxton Miller to start for Ohio State

Miller has been the best QB on this team from the time he stepped on campus last Spring.  That includes the tatooed piece of crap that thought he was entitled to do anything he wanted, and got several other idiots to follow his lead.  Stupid is as stupid does, and hopefully the program will learn from this mess and move forward.  By the way, Miller got a HUGE buckeye logo tatooed on his arm before he graduated high school to show his dedication to the program.  Not sure who paid for it, but this kid looks and acts like he will be better than Pryor if he keeps working at it.  I am excited to see how he does, and don't think they would have left South Beach with a win last week even if he had started the season at the helm.  Go Bucks....the future in now, and his name is Braxton.

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