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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

Posted on: October 3, 2011 11:39 am
Edited on: October 3, 2011 11:40 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Ohio State has now played five games this season, which means that the suspensions that players like Mike Adams, Solomon Thomas, Dan Herron and DeVier Posey for their involvement in Tattoogate is over. However, that doesn't mean that every single one of them will be able to play when the Buckeyes take on Nebraska on Saturday.

According to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, the status of both Posey and Herron is still in question.
A separate probe by the NCAA into Herron and Posey apparently showed they may have received improper benefits in terms of alleged inflated remuneration while working summer jobs in the Cleveland area. It could mean at least one more game of suspension for Herron, for whom the benefits was said to be in the $200 to $400 range, and perhaps multiple games for Posey, for whom the benefit was said to be about $500.

Sources said both refuted the charges. Herron, a source said, produced evidence that he thought showed he had received no improper benefit.
The NCAA started a separate probe into Herron and Posey earlier this season while looking into the benefits Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown received from booster Robert DiGeronimo for attending a charity event. Those three were all suspended for the first two games of the season for accepting $200 from DiGeronimo.

Ohio State is scheduled to make an announcement at 3:30pm Eastern on Monday.

If Herron and Posey can't play this weekend against Nebraska, it would be a big blow to the Buckeyes. The Ohio State offense has been pretty dreadful this season, so getting two playmakers like Herron and Posey back would be a nice boost.

Both Mike Adams and Solomon Thomas are expected to be cleared to play.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

entirely should certainly talk about you can make lots of top-notch elements the majority definitely will piece its big options to integrate before long concerning every single or sometimes just two.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

Hey NEZWA; wait til you try to find State College my man! If you get lost in Big D, we won't find you for weeks after your jaunt to central PA. Whatever you do though; don't ask Joe Pa for any directions. God only knows where you'll end up.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

Izzone, losing half of the season (or more) is a slap on the wrist?  Tell that to Pryor's posse.  Tell that to Jim Tressel, who assuredly won't be making $3 Mil per year analysing video for the Colts.  Tell that to the 79 players who had the discipline to not break rules, but had to endure the off-season from hell and are now watching their season slip away.  Tell that to OSU's coaches when they go out to recruit.  They normally pull in a top 10 class, but they'll be fortunate to bring in a top 40 class.  Oh yeah, don't forget that the NCAA has yet to rule on the violations, so OSU's list of self-imposed sanctions will likely be added to.

I'm not one to complain about it, as Tressel and Pryor & Co did it to themselves.  Rules are rules and they need to be followed.  But you can shove the "slap on the wrist" BS up your arse.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

I've seen this movie before.  Gene Smith says that the problems are not "systemic". Gordon Gee hopes that no one dismisses him. The NCAA dishes a slap on the wrist.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

and that's all that matters right? must suck to be a fan of ohio sports

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

WOW!!! More cheating from Dirty Jim. Now we have no shows, didnt Mairice say this was going on but JT and others denied it?!?! LOL, just levy the death penalty and move on....Great article on "doing it the right way" the Dirty Jim way.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

Oh well, so they lose by 40 instead of 30. Neither one of them can play QB.

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

I'm actually beginning to feel a little bit sorry for Ohio State--not Herron and Posey--Ohio State.  I'm sure it will pass quickly, though.  How many more shoes are likely to drop?

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Status of Herron, Posey in doubt for Ohio State

Last time I checked, no one makes or forces anyone to play football. Every day, people choose to take a job and forego a college education. Some people do both. In addition, the majority of these people must pay the university for the right to go to class. If your family needs income so badly, then the right choice is to work and forego school. That was not the situation here. These players broke the rules to receive something they wanted, not needed, because they were too impatient or disciplined to wait until they earned it the right way.

I wish people would stop with the whining of how "schools make millions" off the players. What is the present value of an education that the players receive? If the players actually get one, the value is quite high. According to the Wall Street Journal, "College graduates in general earn at least 60% more than high-school grads on average, both annually and over their lifetimes..." I imagine that this amount is much higher for former players of a large university who have doors opened and opportunities given post graduation that most people would dream of.


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