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Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

Posted on: October 5, 2011 6:27 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

It hasn't been a great start of the year for Minnesota and first-year head coach Jerry Kill. The Gophers are just 1-4 on the year, having suffered such ignominies as a loss to New Mexico State, a 13-point loss to FCS powerhouse North Dakota State, and just recently a 58-0 throttling at the hands of Michigan last Saturday. As far as the race to the bottom of the Big Ten goes, Minnesota looks even worse than Indiana, and that's saying a lot.

Now, college football is a sport where disparities in performance are mostly talent-related; if a coach can recruit better than his opponents and develop those recruits, he stands a decent chance of beating those opponents. And when the cupboard's bare, well, things can get ugly in a hurry. And that's where Minnesota finds itself now: pure on-field ugliness. 

Kill pulled no punches when he talked on Wednesday about that talent disparity he's been left to work with. Here's more from the Minnesota Daily:

“We’re not athletically gifted enough. We’re getting slower. You have to recruit tough, you don’t make them tough. You have to recruit tacklers,” Kill said. 

“We can’t practice the way I’m used to practicing. We don’t have the bodies in our program. We’re not gifted enough. We can’t do what we’ve done defensively. We got to quit trying to, because we can’t. We got to simplify some things,” Kill said.

Discipline is an area that Minnesota has lacked according to Kill, but that is where his change in culture must begin.

“We’re not disciplined off the field. I spend more time babysitting than coaching.” 

Now, that's basically a nuke of criticism being dropped on Tim Brewster, the ousted head coach who spent the previous three years with the Gophers. And Kill's right: this team's talent level is pathetic. Brewster recruited a few athletes -- look at MarQueis Gray and the ceiling that someone of his physical prowess ought to have -- but in terms of sheer ability to play football, these guys just don't have it.

Astonishingly, Brewster disagrees with Kill's assessment.

“That’s a very talented football team that’s at the University of Minnesota right now. Coach Kill is very fortunate and he knows that,” Brewster told the Daily at Big Ten football media days in Chicago in July.

In an interview Tuesday with the Minnesota Daily, Brewster defended the players he recruited.

“This is the same group of kids that beat Illinois and Iowa. Same group of kids that played well to start the season at USC.”

Yep-- "Coach Kill is very fortunate and he knows that" in July... 1-4 record and a certified disaster zone of talent in October. Juuuust guessing that Kill and Brewster aren't sending each other Christmas cards this year.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 1:34 pm

Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

I really do not care what kind of talent was left, a good coach at Minnesota ought to be able to beat New Mexico St and North Dakota State.  Even with below average Big Ten talent, there is no one on either the New Mexico State or North Dakota State teams that Minnesota lost out on in recruiting.  This is a major failure on the part of Kill as a coach and the Minnesota administration in hiring this guy.  He is a major bust and the only reason more people are not being honest about that is because he has a medical condition. 

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Kill is right

It's great to see a coach just be honest instead of giving the MSM more boring coachspeak.  Minny doesn't have anyone who could start on any of the top five or six teams in the Big Ten right now.  No wonder the poor guy is having seizures.  A team like the one he is trying to coach could drive a healthy man to seizures.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 11:08 pm

Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

Look coach, I'm sorry about your medical condition; but you know what you were getting when you took this job. You knew something about the roster. You also knew about recruiting. You have a new stadium for goodness sake's. Two years ago, Minnesota had arguably the third best recruiting class in the Big Ten. Quit laying your failures at somebody else's feet. The AD got tired of 7-5 and 6-6. So now he needs to be prepared for 2-10 and 1-11.

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Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

It is not easy to get Blue-Chip Prospects to come to the University of Minnesota.  Coach Kill you will find that out.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 6:46 pm

Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

Sorry I meant to say tape of the players that were there last year. My mistake.

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Kill not thrilled with what Tim Brewster left him

So Coach Kill, you couldn't find game tape on the players you had from last year before taking the job? Don't blame the old coach. If you are good coach up the talent you do have. Sounds like a lot of whining to me. Quit if its too tough for you.

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