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TCU to join the Big 12

Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:20 am
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Posted by Tom Fornelli

As reported earlier Thursday by's Brett McMurphy, TCU will be joining the Big 12 conference.

The Big 12 made the announcement official on Thursday morning, saying that it has "authorized negotiations with TCU to become the conference's tenth member." The Big 12 also announced that Missouri did not participate in the vote on the advice of legal counsel.

"These discussions with the Big 12 have huge implications for TCU," said TCU Chancellor Victor Boschini. "It will allow us to return to old rivalries, something our fans and others have been advocating for years. As always, we must consider what's best for TCU and our student-athletes in this ever-changing landscape of collegiate athletics. We look forward to continuing these discussions with the Big 12."

"We’re proud that TCU has been invited to join the Big 12," said Texas AD DeLoss Dodds in a statement. "Their commitment to academics and success on the field make them an excellent fit. With a solid budget and strong financial support, they have been proactive at improving facilities. Their close proximity to all conference institutions makes for a comfortable travel situation."

When Texas A&M was going through the process of leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, for the most part the Big 12 kind of just sat there hoping that Texas A&M wouldn't leave. Which is a role that the Big East seems to have taken over now.

Well, obviously, the Big 12 isn't sitting still anymore. Missouri may not have said that it's leaving just yet, but the writing is on the wall, and this time the Big 12 is being a lot more proactive. Something that Oklahoma President David Boren alluded to in his statement about the addition of TCU.

“TCU is an excellent choice as a new member of the conference," said Boren. "They bring strong athletics and academic credentials and were enthusiastically and unanimously supported by all of the members of the conference. There could be other additions in the future.”

Adding TCU would bring the Big 12 back to 10 schools without Texas A&M, but once Missouri leaves the Big 12 will need to find another replacement. Schools that have been mentioned the most often are BYU, LouisvilleWest Virginia and Cincinnati. Accoring to the Tulsa World's Dave Sittler, Louisville is the next school in line for an invite, but it's possible that three of those four get invites, as the conference has been kicking around the idea of expanding back to 12 schools.

For all our coverage on conference realignment in college football, click here. You can also hear Brett McMurphy discuss TCU's move and what it means for the Big 12 and the Big East on the latest episode of the College Football Podcast here.

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Posted on: December 26, 2011 12:57 pm

TCU to join the Big 12

Welcome to the Big 12 Conference!

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TCU to join the Big 12

First off, Boise State is in the Moutain West and there aren't any plans of them leaving at the moment, especially with next year's additions of Nevada and Fresno State.  The Big 12 would be smart to try to add Houston or other Conference USA teams.  Louisville and Cincy aren't exactly powerhouse football teams at the moment, but Houston has been getting quite a bit of attention the last few years.  SMU or Tulsa would be good additions as well. 

It's too bad Missouri is looking at leaving though, they've alway been a stand up Big 12 member I think, and the addition of TCU will make the conference stronger, though I hate to see them leave the Mountain West (we've been screwed out of an automatic BSC bid for years because we're "fly over" country to those stiff suits who run the whole mess.)  As for BYU, they're a pain in the rear end.  I think a lot of us MWC fans are glad they're gone with all the stuff they've pulled over the past couple decades dating back to the old WAC.  I can't imagine the most religious school in the country joining up with the Big 12.  I do have to wonder if Nebraska is regretting leaving and I know Colorado is in for a really rough ride in the PAC-12 (should have joined the MWC.) 

One other point I think everyone's missing.  Remember when the old WAC was 16 teams then the original WAC teams of Wyoming, Colorado State, Air Force, Utah and New Mexico left along with San Diego State and UNLV to form the Mountain West?  How soon does this same situation happen again with these mega-conferences?  How soon do some of these teams have troubles with the new ACC, the SEC and even the PAC-12 before they start splitting up?

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TCU to join the Big 12

To Macks Alan:

I had been a big supporter of adding BYU to the conference as well. I am cooling off a bit on that, however, because of their firm stand against playing anything on Sundays. Their beliefs are their's to have, but that would impose a scehduling difficulty on the entire conference in other sports which I don't think would be fair. Instead, I think we should look at Boise State rather than BYU for expansion to the Big 12 North. 

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 1:00 pm

TCU to join the Big 12

I would like to see them add BYU, Boise St, Colorado St, and Air Force. If Missouri leaves then you can add Louisville, Cinnci, or West Virginia. All these schools would also come second to Notre Dame. Big 12 needs to move to 14. Getting back to the old status quo is not good enough.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 12:58 pm

TCU to join the Big 12

what about ND, or TCU? they are affiliated with a religious cult. anyone who worships an imaginary dude is insane. We usually commit people like that. 

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TCU to join the Big 12

I am curious to see what ND does as they were "monitoring" the situation prior to TCU leaving.  I would not be surprised to find that adding TCU from the BE, with the real possibility of more, causes ND to elevate "monitoring" to "exploring."  In the Big 12 ND could keep CBS, Tier 3, avoid the loss of their BCS AQ status in two years, and open a pipeline to recruiting in Texas, while competing in a relatively weak North division.  While ND going to the Big 12 may be very slim, if they feel they have to move, now may be the time and only the ACC, SEC and Big12 will let them keep most of their goodies.  ND vs. UT would be an awesome annual rivalry (at Thanksgiving?). 

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TCU to join the Big 12

bigdaddy...Don't think missery cares about the Eastern half of their own state, where KC will take a major financial hit if they leave, or the second oldest rivalry in college sports, but they have continuously handled their departure interests rather poorly. It has been debated for 2 yrs that missery opened the can of worms that led to Neb & Colo leaving , as missery wanted the Big 10, yet got no offer. The administrator that said that yesterday did nothing to help them get an invite to the SEC either. Now it will cost them 6 yrs of revenue sharing if they do leave, which is the most important news to all the remaining schools, along with the agreement that the LHN will not show HS highlights & recruiting highlights on tv, the details of which are yet unavailable. Most all info available say that missery is 80-90% gone...somewhere, & Louisville will be the likely replacement. As for more than 10 teams, UT doesn't really want a Ch game & they've made concessions they previously would not make, so we'll see about further expansion. Personally I'd like to see it, also hate to lose the hoops tourney in KC, but that ball's in missery's court now. I do know for a fact that Jerry Jones & his $$$ want Notre Dame badly, & that they have a contract to play 3 Big 12 teams on the road over the next 3 yrs. Also their NBC fball deal is up in about 3 yrs. Even tho they're not what they once were, they have a following that is not only nationwide but astronomical in terms of money. Plus they could keep all their 3rd tier rights from their own network, which UT has & OU is developing. I'd trade missery for that any day. They really should be careful what they wish for, but in terms of credibility IMO their departure is imminent. Hopefully KSU gives them one last good Kansas a$$ whooping in the Little Apple tomorrow. I know I'll tune in.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 10:48 am

TCU to join the Big 12

This is an excellent move for TCU, and a needed one for the Big 12.  The unlikelyhood of Missouri leaving the Big 12 next year remains large, because the SEC cannot make up it's mind about adding a 14th team, and shipping Alabama and Auburn to the SEC East.  Ofcourse the Big loser in all of this is the Big East, now down to 6 teams and suddenly on life support.  The Big East must add at leaast four teams to survive as a BCS Conference.  If the Big 12 goes after Louisville and West Virgina, as hinted, the Big East ceaases to exist as a football conference. 

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TCU to join the Big 12

According to Barry Tramel, a writer for, an online verson of The Daily Oklahoman, it is likely that Missouri will leave the conference. Under these circumstances, he believe that BYU will be invited, although I believe that Boise State would be just as good an addition and they would have no objections to playing on Sundays. He also suggests that the two most likely targets for expansion to 12 would be West Virginia and Louisville. Of course, he's just one newspaper's writer.

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