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K.C. Sports Commission pens open letter to Deaton

Posted on: October 7, 2011 3:51 pm
Edited on: October 7, 2011 3:52 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

While life in the Big 12 seems to be stabilizing a bit with the addition of TCU to the conference, the schools agreeing to share revenue and grant television rights to the Big 12, and even getting Texas to ditch the idea of high school games on the Longhorn Network, there's still a pretty sizeable question mark looming over the conference.

What is Missouri going to do?

The school announced recently that it is going to weigh all of its options when it comes to its conference affiliation, with many believing that the school plans on becoming the 14th member of the SEC. News that some Mizzou supporters are for, and others are against. Still, the only people I know of who have taken out an ad in a newspaper about it is the Kansas City Sports Commission. The group dedicated to sports in the Kansas City area put an open letter to Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton in the Kansas City Star.

Unfortunately for the Kansas City Sports Commission, I'm not sure how much impact this letter will actually have.

It's not as though Mizzou just up and decided it wanted to look around this week. It's been a decision that has no doubt been in the works for at least a year, as the school flirted with the Big Ten last year when Nebraska and Colorado left the Big 12, and has been mentioned with the SEC for months now.

While the school is saying that it's not ruling out remaining in the Big 12, I can't help but think it will only happen if both the SEC and Big Ten say no first.
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K.C. Sports Commission pens open letter to Deaton

Missouri has made this decision a VERY PUBLIC decision.  And in the process, has angered many people that are involved in the process.

As much as I dislike the ACC raiding the Big East for 'cuse and Pitt, the ACC did it the right way.  It appears this had been discussed for some time.  Everyone was in agreement.  Nothing was leaked to the press.  'Cuse and Pitt then blind-side the BE commissioner - and the other BE schools - by submitting notice to the BE commissioner on Saturday (while attending the WVU vs Maryland game).  And the next  day, the ACC announced their presidents had voted to accept the 2 schools.  All the key players were on board with what was going to happen - BEFORE anything was made public.  Last year, coaches made public statements (like Pitt's basketball coach) about how stupid it was for any teams to leave the BE.  This year, those same coaches now say how great it is to leave - even for baseketball.  No doubt, it was explained to the coaches that they work for the school.  And the school had decided this was the way to go.

Missouri looked bad last year when the Big1G turned them down.  Did Missouri noticed they were turned down?

This year Missouri publicly announced they wanted to look at their options.  At a time when nearly all of the public discussion was on Missouri joining the SEC, Missouri says "NO, we prefer the Big1G."  All this did, was to make the SEC presidents who vote on admission to the SEC - mad at Missouri.  And it was seen as insulting the entire SEC.

Missouri can be an attractive candidiate for expansion - but only if Missouri officals understand how the game is being played.  So far, they have not.  And Missouri may be waiting a long time for that invite.

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Posted on: October 7, 2011 11:28 pm

K.C. Sports Commission pens open letter to Deaton

How is Boise a good fit? They are nowhere near other Big 12 schools and aren't all that close to BYU should they be added. The academic reputation is poor and I'm not sure how much attention/tv ratings they would generate once they are no longer the underdog and part of the "evil BCS system".

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K.C. Sports Commission pens open letter to Deaton

I agree with everything my esteemed colleague from KC said with all my heart. I would like to take this even further. . . . . . . 

Let's stop the media circus, stop whining about the 1 and a 1/2 Team exudus, and start being proactive rather than reactive. 

Is there any legitimate reason why the Big 12 hasn't approached Boise State & TCU in the Mountain West Conference? I think they would be a great fit!
Boise State would get the Strength of Schedule monkey off their back, and TCU would finally find a home in a solid conference. Saying nothing of the visibility and popularity of Boise State right now.

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