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SEC poll reactions, Week 8

Posted on: October 23, 2011 7:52 pm
Edited on: October 23, 2011 9:17 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

This week's polls have been released. Here's how the SEC fared, from the top of the polls to the bottom, and what it means.


1/1. LSU

We'd like to think that even if Oklahoma had completed their failed comeback against Texas Tech, the Bayou Bengals' annihilation of a top-20 Auburn team (as opposed to a mighty struggle at home vs. an unranked team with two home losses) would finally resulted in their taking over as a consensus No. 1. But fortunately for clarity's sake, the Red Raiders finished the job. And even if Alabama wasn't on a bye themselves, that consensus wasn't going to change during LSU's off-week--the Tigers have a 49-10 advantage in first place votes in the AP, and a 41-18 edge in the Coaches.


The Crimson Tide should have passed the decisively less-impressive Sooners weeks back, but there's no doubt plenty of thanks being sent Lubbockward after the Red Raiders made the Tide's consensus move to No. 2 it official. (Then again, knowing the relationship between the Tide fanbase and Tommy Tuberville, maybe not.) What's interesting is that the Tide have enough support for a short fall in the event of a loss to LSU--the 122-point margin between the Tide and No. 3 Oklahoma State is wider than the margin between the Cowboys and No. 6 Clemson.


The Razorbacks move up two spots in both polls but find themselves in the same broad position as last week: the second-highest one-loss team behind Oregon. It's a strong show of support for the Hogs that even after an unimpressive win over Ole Miss -- one that required overcoming a 17-0 first-half deficit and a last-minute interception to preserve the victory -- Arkansas still moved past plummeting Oklahoma and Wisconsin. But as we said last week, if forced to pick between the Hogs and Ducks in a one-loss head-to-head, we think the Hogs deserve the nod.

Oh, Coaches poll. We wish there was a better explanation for jumping Kansas State past the Gamecocks on the basis of a win over Kansas and Carolina's bye week than "Oops, we kind of messed up by having that undefeated team so low last week, better fix it" ... but we know there isn't. At least Michigan State's leapfrog past the Gamecocks makes more sense. The Spartans jumped the Gamecocks in the AP, too, but Carolina stayed put thanks to West Virginia's freefall. Given that the Gamecocks' loss came to a now three-loss team at home and that their signature win is a three-point escape at Georgia, they can't have any complaints about sticking at 14th.

22/21. GEORGIA

The Bulldogs didn't play this week, but still got a two-slot bump in the AP and leapt into the Coaches at No. 21. Guess it helps when so many bottom-rung top-25 teams -- Auburn, Illinois, Washington, Georiga Tech -- absorbed lopsided and/or embarrassing losses. But the Dawgs can't gripe about not being higher, not when their best win is still over 3-4 Tennessee.

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Posted on: October 24, 2011 7:15 am

SEC poll reactions, Week 8

Peyton didn't lead UT against Florida State in that game, it was Tee Martin. Plus...until someone can beat the SEC in a title game any arguement against the SEC being the best league of College Football is complete Bull.  Good luck to anyone who gets the chance to plan against LSU or ALA in Jan because 5 years in a row is tough to ignore.  

The SEC is just better. Get over it.

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Posted on: October 24, 2011 2:28 am

SEC poll reactions, Week 8

Wow. This columm is a microcosom of SEC fans in general. There is simply no life outside of SEC football. I think the Taliban are more objective then SEC fans and the CBS worker bees.

Alabama and LSU are fine teams but giving Arkansas the nod over Oregon? I think Oregon's performance against Nevada is much more impressive then Arkansas' victories over Auburn and Texas A/M.

I hope either Alabama or LSU make the BCS game. Stanford should be there as well. While Stanford's depth is not as good as the SEC teams, they match up favorably in athleticism and having Luck leading the Cardinal is huge.
Stanford reminds me of Tennessee's Peyton Manning team that beat Florida State. I was fortunate to see the Vols the year before against a UCLA team which was 1-2. Tennessee held on for a 5 point win in that game. UCLA would not lose until December of the following year to Miami and almost had a rematch with Tennessee in the BCS championship.
I thought Stanford was the best Pac-10 team last year and will prove it this year. Oregon with 2 losses could make the Rose Bowl if Stanford goes the the BCS title game. I would like to see Oregon and LSU play again. I think the outcome on a neutral field and a healed Duck team (Cliff Harris back) would prevail.    

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