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Big Ten poll reactions, Week 9

Posted on: October 31, 2011 7:47 pm
Posted by Adam Jacobi

This week's polls have been released. Here's how the Big Ten fared, from the top of the polls to the bottom, and what it means.


9/9. Nebraska

I've wanted to see this Nebraska from the start, and here it is. The defense played up to the hype for the first time all year, Rex Burkhead was an absolute ox, and Taylor Martinez only threw one unforgivable pass. Bo Pelini may have even smiled.

So with the Huskers at 7-1 and finally possessing a big-time win, yes, No. 9 is fair. It'd be great to see a road win, and what do you know: Nebraska travels to Happy Valley then the Big House after this week's home tilt with a plucky Northwestern team.

13/13. Michigan

It is a fact that Michigan still hasn't beaten anybody of note outside of that miracle comeback against Notre Dame. It's also a fact that Michigan's offense hasn't been tested by a decent defense since MSU dismantled it a couple weeks ago (no offense, Purdue). And yet still, this is a 7-1 team that'll probably be able to coast its way to double digit wins, and even in a down Big Ten, that's probably worth a Top 15 spot; it's not as if the other conferences are much better once you get out of the Top 10 anyway.

16/15. Penn State
15/16. Michigan State

These two teams are functionally tied, and they've got the stingiest scoring defenses in the Big Ten, so they get to share a blurb here. Penn State seems like the worst one-loss team in a BCS conference, but so far, Alabama (you know, the team that's about to beat LSU) is been the only team that proved it could beat the Nittany Lions. Michigan State, meanwhile, is still 6-2 and in pretty good shape in the Legends Division race, but hidden in the Spartans' 17-4 record since the start of last season is the fact that all four of those losses have been by at least 18 points and away from Spartan Stadium -- not the stuff of champions, that. Still, MSU doesn't face any more ranked opponents for the rest of the season, so as long as the Spartans don't lay another egg at Kinnick Stadium this year look for them to have a strong chance to make it to Indianapolis -- probably to face Penn State, who holds a 2.5 game lead in its division.

19/17. Wisconsin

Oh, Wisconsin. Don't let them see you like this. Don't let them see you in hysterics after those two ridiculous Hail Marys submarined your hopes and dreams of an undefeated season. You deserve better than 19th in the nation; you really do. In fact, strictly from a "power poll" perspective, you still probably deserve to be as high as, say, Michigan -- even though that defense is just lousy. The Badgers can't ride a blowout over Nebraska at Camp Randall for the whole year, though, and it's time for this team to get back on track immediately.

Also receiving votes: Ohio State (37 AP votes, 21 coaches votes) 

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 11:05 pm

Big Ten poll reactions, Week 9

If the Buckeyes find a way to win the big ten, im streaking to the quad whos with me?  They call that pass from Braxton a "hail marry" i call it a "hail yea"

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 10:21 pm

Big Ten poll reactions, Week 9

Its admirable how all the voters, all the radio guys, all the tv guys, have fallen asleep on Ohio State. Sure they lost their starting qb, starting receiver, starting left tackle, starting running back, and head coach. But what school in the country could sustain such a loss, and still be sitting at 5-3, barely lost to Michigan State and Nebraska, 2 games they should have won, and beating Wisconsin. Yet here they are, siting at 5-3, with games left against Indiana-Purdue-Penn State-Michigan, all games they will more than likely win, but nobody is even mentioning the Buckeyes. Seems the college football world has fallen asleep at the wheel on Ohio State, and when the dust clears, they will be a team nobody will want to see next season when all those freshmen and sophmore are a year older and better, and to top things off, they stand a chance at winning yet ANOTHER Big Ten title this year.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 8:42 pm

Big Ten poll reactions, Week 9

Michigan is too high because as you said MSU "dismantled" their offense yet finds themselves ranked below a team they handled. I know MSU just lost but if Michigan and MSU play again MSU handles them again thus Michigan too high especially with only one semi-quality victory. Not only is the Big 10 down this year they are flat-out bad. When the best team in your confernce got smoked by another team in the conference by 31 your conference is weak.

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