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SEC Poll Reactions, Week 10

Posted on: November 7, 2011 6:03 pm
Edited on: November 7, 2011 6:04 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

This week's polls have been released. Here's how the SEC fared, from the top of the polls to the bottom, and what it means.


1/1. LSU

The only poll-related question following the Tigers' win in Tuscaloosa Saturday night was this: would they be unanimous No. 1's, or would there be a few stray Stanford or Oklahoma State zealots? Surprise surprise: the Bayou Bengals went 59-for-59 on first-place votes for the Coaches, but one random attention-seeking media voter went for Boise State at No. 1, keeping LSU's AP total at 59/60. We're big Boise fans around here, but there's simply no logical, reasonable explation for looking at both team's schedule's and deciding that the Broncos have done more to deserve the No. 1 spot.

(You can read our Eye on CFB Poll Attacks to find out the identity of said voter. We're not dignifying his efforts here.)


The Tide can't ask for much more, can they? Not only do they still sit ahead of fellow one-loss wonders Oklahoma and Oregon (fair, considering that the Sooners lost to much weaker team and that the Ducks weren't nearly as competitive vs. LSU), but Alabama's still comfortably one spot ahead of the undefeated Broncos, too. That's more debatable, and if it ultimately comes down to picking one of these schools or the other to play LSU for a national title, we'd like to see what Boise could do. But for now, Boise's schedule is so weak -- Georgia, and then a whole lot of barely-more-than nothing -- it makes sense to have the Tide a notch ahead.


The Razorbacks' on-field play improved dramatically this week as they pulled away from one-loss South Carolina for a decisive 44-28 win, but it wasn't enough to force any change in the polls; the Hogs stayed a firm eighth behind Oklahoma. Given that the Sooners (and similar one-loss competitors Oregon) have played better football the past two weeks and now have a list of victims comparable to Arkansas's, the Hogs can't have any real gripes about staying put, though.

14/16. GEORGIA

We're not sure when beating the pants off of New Mexico State became so impressive, but apparently "when" was in fact "this week"; the Bulldogs' thrashing of the Aggies was good enough for a healthy four-spot jump in both polls. So enamored were AP voters with the UGA win that they moved the Dawgs a spot ahead of the Gamecocks--even though both teams have the same record and Carolina beat Georgia head-to-head in Athens. Usually it's the Coaches that get up to these kind of shenanigans (please note that Virginia Tech is currently ranked ahead of Clemson for no reason whatsoever), but not this week.


The past three weeks have gone like this for the Gamecocks: 1. 14 points scored in hideous win over SEC underdog 2. 14 points scored in less-hideous-but-still-pretty-ugly win over SEC underdog 3. 16-point loss at Arkansas. And the Gamecocks' home loss to Auburn is still far worse than most of the losses suffered by the glut of two-loss teams after consensus No. 12 Penn State. But then again, at Georgia is still a far better win than most of those teams have, too. So we don't know if 15 is such a terrible overranking, especially when what we do know is that if the Gamecocks are 15th, Georgia's 16th.

24/25. AUBURN

The Tigers remain the only three-loss team in either poll, showing a certain amount of respect for their rigorous schedule. But would you blame the Tigers for wondering if the gap between themselves and the Gamecocks ought to be nine slots when the Tigers have the head-to-head win in Columbia and the difference in win-loss can be chalked up exclusively to Auburn playing Clemson out-of-conference while SC was taking on East Carolina, Navy and the like? And as for why TCU is a spot above the Tigers in the coaches -- when their best win is Air Force and their losses are to Baylor and SMU -- we don't really have a clue.


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Posted on: November 8, 2011 3:02 pm

SEC Poll Reactions, Week 10

Just imagine if there was a 16-team playoff. Conference champ from each of the 11 conferences get an auto bid, and then the top 5 remaining at-large teams in the BCS standings. All seeds determined by the BCS standings.  
Here's what it looks like going into week 11: 

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 4:26 am

LSU and BAMA Offenses suck?

LSU and BAMA have not been scoring 6 and 9 points in their other games. This was ONE GAME between two historic defenses (will be borne out by NFL impact).  These are not "pretty good" defenses, as some SEC critics are saying.I would love to see OK or OK ST or Stanford against LSU, and Boise St against BAMA in the Sugar. Be careful what you wish for. Remember in the last 11 months Super Offense Oregon couldn't get past 20 pts. against Auburn and LSU.  And in LSU's last national championship appearance, OK, averaging 50-60 pts a game, needed a garbage TD to get to 14 pts!

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 12:43 am

SEC Poll Reactions, Week 10

If LSU loses to Arkansas or any other team along the way, and OK State loses to Oklahoma, that would leave Alabama, Oklahoma, and Stanford as the top 3.  I see what you are saying though, I just think that the dominoe house has to fall almost completely for the top 4 to give Boise a legitimate shot.  Oklahoma wins at OK State and their SOS shoots them pass Boise.  Same for Arkansas, which would in turn (likely) help Alabamas cause.    

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 9:52 pm

SEC Poll Reactions, Week 10

Not only do they still sit ahead of fellow one-loss wonders Oklahoma and Oregon (fair, considering that the Sooners lost to much weaker team and that the Ducks weren't nearly as competitive vs. LSU), but Alabama's still comfortably one spot ahead of the undefeated Broncos, too
The SEC Centric focus from the media (not just there) would leave readers to believe the SEC Champion should be crowned National Champion and skip the bowls. Yes, the defenses in the SEC are very good - especially LSU and Alabama. But when LSU played Oregon (with 80,000 fans at a neutral site!) the Ducks either made uncharacteristic errors (four turnovers led to 28 points) or LSU caused the turnovers to tip the game. Point from that game is that Oregon's offense is vastly superior to Alabama's offense while Alabama's defense - not having to defend short fields on turnovers - is much better than Oregon.

In any event the polls are very biased and I suspect that the SEC will have a tougher time this year with Oklahoma State in the championship. There is still room for Boise to slide in to the 2nd spot should Arkansas beat LSU and Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State. It will not go well across the nation for Alabama to get in while a team or teams that are undefeated is ignored. Congress anyone?

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