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QUICK HITS: Oklahoma State 66 Texas Tech 6

Posted on: November 12, 2011 3:46 pm
Edited on: November 12, 2011 3:50 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

OKLAHOMA STATE WON. Actually, Oklahoma State didn't win as much as it destroyed. The Cowboys offense put on another clinic on Saturday afternoon, as it racked up 637 yards of total offense and seemingly scored at will against a Texas Tech team in a total freefall since upsetting Oklahoma three weeks ago. Brandon Weeden threw for 423 yards and 5 touchdowns on the day, and he only had 6 incompletions. Joseph Randle only rushed for 83 yards on the day, but he did score 3 touchdowns and Justin Blackmon had 103 yards with 2 touchdowns on the day.

WHY OKLAHOMA STATE WON. Because it's offense is seemingly unstoppable right now, and its defense didn't allow Texas Tech to do anything. Those 6 points that Texas Tech got? Those came on a fumble return touchdown, which was followed by a missed extra point from the Raiders.

WHEN OKLAHOMA STATE WON. I joked on Twitter that this game was over when Texas Tech started the game by going three-and-out and punting, but it turns out it was actually true. Though I suppose it wasn't actually official until Weeden hit Josh Stewart on a 27-yard touchdown to make it 21-0 in the first quarter.

WHAT OKLAHOMA STATE WON. Well, this one had to feel good for the Oklahoma State defense. After having a tough night against Kansas State last week, the Cowboys defense came out Saturday and held Texas Tech to 270 yards of total offense and forced another 3 turnovers. As for the entire team, this win keeps Oklahoma State on its path toward the Big 12 title and BCS championship game.

WHAT TEXAS TECH LOST. I'm not sure how much confidence Texas Tech still had in itself coming into this game after the way they'd been beaten the last two weeks, but whatever was left has to be gone now. This is a team that has now been outscored 190-43 since holding a 31-7 lead over Oklahoma in the third quarter of that game. Things have fallen apart quickly in Lubbock.

THAT WAS CRAZY. As for total game time, Oklahoma State averaged 1.1 points per minute played in this game on Saturday. In time of possession terms? That number increased to 2 points for every minute it had the ball. That's efficient offense.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 12:11 pm

QUICK HITS: Oklahoma State 66 Texas Tech 6

I've been watching the Cowboys for a lifetime, not just this season.  I've seen the Cowboys do the unexpected under coaches like Jimmy Johnson, Les Miles, and Mike Gundy.  I've seen them hit rock bottom and not even win a conference game in over a year under coaches like Pat Jones and Bob Simmons.  I've seen them come from nowhere and upset teams on the eve of their national championship games.  I like the Cowboys and always have.  I like them when the win and I like them when they lose, I'm not a fickle fan that turns on my team when times get rough.  The main thing I have learned throughout the years is this: "DON'T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH!  The Cowboys have never been as good as they are right now, but even with that, they are only as good as then next stupid mistake.  Whether that stupid mistake comes in the second quarter of the Iowa State game, or in the last minute of the Bedlam game, they are only one stupid mistake away from losing it all.  One stupid mistake between now and the end of the season and they'll be looking for some bowl to give them an invitation instead of looking to play for the national title.  Of course, I hope that doesn't happen, but face it folks, it's a lot easier to make a stupid mistake than it is to play flawlessly.

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Posted on: November 13, 2011 12:32 am

QUICK HITS: Oklahoma State 66 Texas Tech 6

Our boys here in stillwater are for real. everyone keeps saying our D is garbage and can never take on the "elite" schools of LSU or Bama. Last time i checked Okie State has more forced turnovers than both of those schools which we seem to always turn into 7 points. Not to mention their offenses are pretty average compared to the firepower on this Cowboy roster. Yes our total yards allowed is really high but a top O that rarely holds onto the ball over 2minutes at a time and is averaged over 50points a game is going to allow a bunch of yards and points because the guys are on the field 40min a game. Baylor had over 500 total yards a couple weeks ago but they couldnt score until garbage time and OSU was already up 30-40points. Jerry Palm left OSU out of his BCS predictions in favor of Michigan because of the mass following of that school. I would think even non oklahoma state fans would enjoy the shootouts that go with watching this team. Go watch some film on these boys and you'll be impressed. The Cowboys are probably the nations best shot at beating that SEC smashmouth D. 

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