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DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

Posted on: December 6, 2011 4:07 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

Did the BCS get it right with LSU and Alabama?'s Senior Columnist Dennis Dodd sits down with Adam Aizer to put a wrap on the regular season in this week's edition of The Doddcast. The pair discuss the biases in both the Harris Interactive and Coaches Polls, and what teams have suffered from those slants. Dennis also weighs in on the top coaching vacancies, and tells us if Robert Griffin III has the Heisman in the bag before Saturday's ceremony. Also, some spirited discussion of the recent Big East expansion news.

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Since: Jun 6, 2011
Posted on: December 7, 2011 11:05 am

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

I will not apologize for the repost here.  The meat here was posted on 12/07 by "deeoriginal1".  Outstanding post.

The following is a most excellent summation of this years fiasco in the BCS selection process.  There is NO justification or RATIONALIZATION that can be made to satisfy the lingering questions posed by the majority of NCAA Football fans.

You have to win the conference........PERIOD!!!

This whole debate about whether two teams from the same conference should face-off for the college football national championship... especially since the two teams just recently met-up in a regular season matchup... seems vaguely familiar.  Almost like deja-vu.

Yep... when LSU toppled Alabama, 9-6, on Nov. 5th in their much-publicized regular season matchup... they were ranked #1 and #2 in the nation, respectively.  And the SEC looked pretty fierce up to that point... much like the Big Ten Conference looked 5 years ago with #1 Ohio State and #2 Michigan.

Back on Nov. 18, 2006... #1 Ohio State defeated #2 Michigan, 42-39, in their regular season matchup... just weeks before the final BCS pairings were to be announced.

Ohio State had been ranked #1 in the BCS rankings for 7 straight weeks... the entire length of the BCS ranking period.  And Michigan had been ranked #2 in those same rankings for 5 straight weeks.  The Michigan Wolverines even maintained their #2 BCS ranking for one week after their only loss to the Buckeyes that season.

But did Michigan get the BCS nod for the national championship game against Ohio State that year?


Some argued back then that it was because the two teams had already faced-off a couple of weeks earlier during the regular season... and a rematch would just be redundant.  Nobody wanted to see that matchup again.

Yet, others argued that it was because the two teams were in the same conference... and it would be more like a conference champion.  Not a national championship.

Sound familiar?

Whatever the reason... the BCS obviously caved-in to public opinion and selected 4th-ranked Florida to play Ohio State for the national championship that year.

Florida... a team that had not been ranked any higher than #4 in the BCS rankings and that had been ranked below Michigan for 7 weeks... all of a sudden was catapulted into the #2 spot in the final week... leap-frogging Michigan.

And of course, Florida's selection over Michigan was vindicated that year... simply because they defeated Ohio State for the national title.

Now... in light of how 2006 turned out... why didn't the BCS selection committee show a little consistency this year... and avoided an all-SEC matchup in the national championship game?

I mean... the BCS selection committee would have been more justified avoiding an all-SEC national championship matchup this season than they were in avoiding an all-Big Ten national championship in 2006.

LSU is undefeated... just like Ohio State was in 2006.

And just like Ohio State was in 2006... LSU was ranked #1 in the BCS rankings for 7 straight weeks... the entire ranking period.

Additionally, LSU defeated their conference rivals, the 2nd-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, just weeks before the final BCS rankings... just like Ohio State had defeated their conference rivals, the 2nd-ranked Michigan Wolverines, weeks before the final BCS rankings in 2006.

Alabama was ranked #2 in the BCS rankings for 5 of the 7 weeks of BCS rankings... just like Michigan was ranked #2 in the BCS rankings for 5 of the 7 weeks of BCS rankings in 2006.

So, why didn't #3 Oklahoma State get the same BCS nod to play for the national championship this year that #4 Florida got from the BCS selection committee back in 2006?

That is the question!

Oklahoma State was, at least, ranked #2 in the BCS rankings for two straight weeks prior to suffering their only loss this season.  And Oklahoma State and Alabama have identical 11-1 records.

At least, Oklahoma State is this year's Big 12 Conference Champions.  Alabama didn't even make it to the SEC Conference Championship game this year.

In 2006, Florida was selected over Michigan... despite never being ranked among the top 3 BCS teams throughout the BCS ranking period... that is... until they were selected to play for the national championship in the BCS's final rankings.

So, what gives now?

Why is it okay for two SEC teams to play for the national championship NOW... when it wasn't okay for two Big Ten teams to play for the national championship back in 2006?



Your guess is as good as anybodyelse's.

But anyone who thinks that Alabama deserves to play for the national championship this season is... uh... well... probably wearing crimson and white... and not wearing orange and black.

Since: Sep 18, 2006
Posted on: December 7, 2011 10:48 am

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

Ebondyrod,  would have have been in favor of a 4 team playoff this year and if so what four teams would you have playing in it?

Since: Sep 22, 2006
Posted on: December 7, 2011 10:20 am

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

Did they get it right, not by a long shot.  How do you deny a conference champion in Oklahoma State with a 11-1 record over a team that didn't play in their conference championship.  The whole idea of this BCS was to pit conference champ against conference champ, at least that is what is was suppose to be after the Oklahoma bungle when they lost their conference championship and was allowed to play in the national championship game and got embarrassed.  I see some things never change.

Since: Oct 26, 2009
Posted on: December 7, 2011 6:33 am

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

It got it as right as it could.   Definitely the 2 best teams.

There is but 1 valid argument for Oklahoma St.   And that is they IMO played a better schedule and beat higher quality teams from top to bottom.   Of course, their 1 loss was much worse.   Yet I do not see anyone really making this argument.

For those who want to argue about conference championships.    Are you saying that Houston should have went if they won their conference?   Of course not, because the whole "conference champion" stuff is nothing more than a lame excuse and lame attempt at stating any fact as if it makes your case.

Against rematches for championship games?    So I guess you didn't think Wisconsin should have been able to play Michigan St the 2nd time around?     Oh and btw, Oklahoma St didn't even play in a championship game.   That game with Oklahoma was not the Big 12 championship game, it was a regular season game.   They took 2 byes during the season to make the last games of the season schedule up with the conference championship games.   Which seems to be pretty smart since apparently most people can't seem to tell the difference.

And the only reason Alabama wasn't in it's own conference championship game was because it happens to be in the same division as LSU.  Otherwise it would have been an Alabama vs LSU rematch for the championship.   &nbs
p; The 2 best SEC teams in the SEC didn't play.   I guess we should be talking about "blowing up the SEC championship game".

Even in a playoff system you can get rematches.

Furthermore, the SEC already tried to get a +1 added to the BCS.   It was the Big12 and other conferences that shot it down.   Only the ACC supported a +1 with the SEC.    So the Big12 screwed itself on this one if you want to get right down to it(which they seem to be doing alot of lately).

All these arguments are BS and aren't real reasons.    They are simply people looking for anything to cover their own biases.   They are crappy answers.     Because their so called solutions don't even address the things they say are problems.

If you want to say that Oklahoma St deserved a chance because overall they beat higher competition I will agree.    If you want to say we need a +1 I will agree.     But it you want to make up lame excuses to say Alabama didn't deserve a shot, then you are plain out wrong, and you plain out don't understand anything about college football if you can't see why LSU and Alabama are considered the 2 best teams.

And this stuff matters because if you can't make decent arguments, then you sure as hell aren't going to get decent solutions.

I would have been fine with Oklahoma St going to the BCS game as well.   Alabama is probably the better team, and Oklahoma St had a better resume in the win column, but not the loss column.    I think it was about as close as the margin between them in the BCS was.

Since: Aug 4, 2008
Posted on: December 6, 2011 9:35 pm

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

The has never gotten it right. Even when they did get it right it was by accident, and two teams just happen to be undefeated. You have a team that did not win it's conference and playing in the National Championship game. There is no way a team that did not win it's conference should ever play for the so called National Championship. This just does not make sense.

It is also a reason that the regular season don't count and the conference championship game don't mean a darn thing. So why play the season and why play the conference championship game?

Let the computers do the work, that what if boils down to is the computers are selecting the teams to play in this stupid so called national championship game.

You can not say Alabama won it on the field they did not play in their conference championship. That was one of the reasons these conferences went to 12 team conferences so the winner of the conference championship game would represent the conference.

Well we all now know that is a bunch of garbage.

Throw a wrinkle in the equation and things go haywire.

I was never a BCS fan and this  just proves the point.


Since: Dec 6, 2011
Posted on: December 6, 2011 7:32 pm

DODDCAST: Did the BCS get it right?

The Alabama fan if me would like to say "yes", but truthfully I don't know that they ever get it right. Maybe some years they do better than others, but this year, even if they got the NC game right, they blew it in the Sugar and Orange Bowls. Not a single non-AQ. What's up with that? This year it's an exclusively members only club. The Capital One & Cotton Bowls have much better match-ups.

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