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Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

Posted on: December 29, 2011 6:04 pm
Edited on: December 29, 2011 6:06 pm

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A tumultuous season for Derek Dooley and the Tennessee Volunteers has bled into what's already a tumultuous offseason, with coaching changes, alleged suspensions, and now a one-time star recruit asking for a contentious release from the program.

According to multiple reports, freshman wide receiver DeAnthony Arnett has asked for a release from his scholarship and intends to transfer out of the Volunteer program. A Saginaw, Mich. native, Arnett is looking to transfer to a school somewhere in Michigan to be closer to his ailing father, whose picture Arnett tweeted a photo of Thursday afternoon.

Tennessee has since confirmed Arnett's request and agreed to the release--but with conditions attached, as the Knoxville News-Sentinel reports. According to an e-mail sent by Arnett to ESPN, the Volunteers have refused to release him to the state's BCS-level programs (Michigan and Michigan State), and the statement from Tennessee spokesman Jimmy Stanton would seem to confirm this:

"We're not denying him a release to be near his family, get a good education and play Division I football at the same time, but we do have a policy of not releasing players to schools we either play or recruit against," Stanton said Thursday. "Where he's from, there are several good D-I schools nearby that would be good options to play football, get a good education and keep him near his family." 

Not surprisingly, Arnett is less than happy with that decision:

"Coach Dooley, myself or anybody doesn't know what the future holds for my father," Arnett said in the email. "I feel that I represented the University of Tennessee the best way I can on and off the field and I feel I have earned the right to be released unconditional to all schools in Michigan."

Quite frankly, we don't blame him; unless Arnett has forfeited his good standing with Dooley and the Vols through some kind of unreported off-the-field incident, refusing to allow him to play on scholarship at Arnett's school of choice while he helps care for an ill parent strikes us as stunningly petty. Whatever benefit is gained from Tennessee playing keep-away from noted recruiting rivals Michigan and Michigan State (if you say so, Mr. Stanton), is it really worth punishing Arnett for doing nothing wrong? (Nothing "wrong" other than wanting out of Knoxville, anyway.) This is also nothing new for Dooley, who previously refused a release to the late Aaron Douglas unless he transferred to a location eight hours' drive away, and kept Bryce Brown off of scholarship at Kansas State for a year while refusing him a release as well.

A highly sought-after four-star recruit, Arnett played in all 12 games his freshman season, finishing third on the team in receptions with 24 and fourth in yards with 242.

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Since: Oct 23, 2006
Posted on: December 30, 2011 9:51 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

It was ok for Tyler Smith to get his release from Iowa to play Bball for TN unconditionally when Vandy was a lot closer to his sick father, also ND released an OL from Nashville that went to BA that had family health issues and he went onto UT and started for the Vols this year. So this just states how classless UT and Dooley is while Iowa and ND did what was best for the student athletes. Why is TN afraid of MSU or Michigan they need to worry about Vandy,UGA,UF,SC and KY. Let the kid go whereever he wants to, D1 BCS NFL or Canadian football league, just let him have a chance.

Since: Nov 26, 2008
Posted on: December 30, 2011 8:29 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

THIS JUST IN...............Michigan contacts Deanthony's money hungry brothers about how they lack wide receiver experience and talent next year.  Tennessee has two All-Americans playing.  News in.....Deanthony's estranged father who is not in his life is sick.  Here is some money and a legitimate excuse to play right away at a depleted unit.  Arnett brothers think it's raining money.  Dooley says yeah you can transfer but not to Michigan.  Whiney douchiabaga Michigan fans are crying like little pansies.  "Free Anthony" has been started.  You guys are comical.  This country use to be a built on responsibility.  Sit out a year dummy or go to a junior college. Whiners are losers and all of you enablers can go F yourselves.

I applaud Dooley. 

Since: Dec 30, 2011
Posted on: December 30, 2011 8:03 pm
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Since: Nov 26, 2008
Posted on: December 30, 2011 6:26 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

Ha ha ha this idiot kid has a brother who is calling all of the shots.  The bro thinks Deanthony is their golden ticket.  

"DeAnthony's father "never knew how to be a father," Ralph said, so Virginia relied on her sons to serve as de facto father figures for one another. Ralph looked up to Eric as a father and DeAnthony does the same with Ralph."  Interview with bro during the recruiting process.  Why didn't bros say to Anthony, "dad is sick, you should stay closer to home."  

I applaud Dooley.  This kid and his brothers need to learn about being accountable for their choices.  

"Perhaps that's what prompted his sociological experiment of sorts one night before his announcement, when he committed to six different schools within an hour of each other on live-streamed videos over the Internet. Fans of each schools grimaced and rejoiced through each of the fake announcements, which only further helped DeAnthony prove the point he was trying to make."


Since: Jul 10, 2007
Posted on: December 30, 2011 6:04 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

It is a shame that a college is given this amount of power over a student.  Tennessee and Dooley both lack class.  I sincerely hope that the recruiting class of 2012 sits up and takes notice of this... and that the out of state recruits make different choices.

Since: Nov 19, 2006
Posted on: December 30, 2011 5:10 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

Dooley was a terrible hire for Tennessee, and he has proven it yet again.  His team did not even qualify for a bowl game this season, and that is after they dumped UNC and added Montana to the schedule.  He has more defections than the Iraqi Army had.  He is 11-14 in his two miserable years at Tennessee.  There is no way that he will let anyone out of their scholarship for any reason without restrictions.  Tennessee is not scheduled to play any Big 10 team in the next 3 years.  Is Dooley worried that he may play a Michigan team in a Bowl Game?  First, he as to get to a Bowl Game, and at the rate he is going, that is not going to happen for a long time.  Dooley deserves to be fired.

Since: Apr 11, 2007
Posted on: December 30, 2011 3:15 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

But then again, Tennessee is a part of the *mighty SEC*, and shouldn't be afraid of losing a recruit to the Big Ten or anyone else.  I get restricting transfers to future opponents, but this does seem petty now that I have thought more about it.  Dooley seems insecure and uptight about many other things.  Maybe that's why he's not winning. 

Since: Nov 6, 2006
Posted on: December 30, 2011 12:10 pm

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

Someone said that when MSU recruited Arnett they were a bad team? Would that be the #14 in the country, 11-2 Spartans in 2010? Listen, I feel for the kid. His dad is sick and Arnett wants to be closer to him. Which one of us wouldn't in that situation. As others have said, it just seems strange that he is making an issue of Dooley's decision to not let him play at MSU or U of M. Closer to home is closer to home, even if that means he is a Chippewah next year. And as a Spartans' fan, trust me, I want him to come to MSU.

Since: Nov 15, 2009
Posted on: December 30, 2011 11:42 am

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

I hope he goes to Ohio State. Its close to home and his release says he can't go to any Michigan school. It does not say any other div 1 school.  Minnesota is close by also.  I can't believe people are defending a school over a kid who wasn't payed.  Just wait till Browns career is over and find out how much the Vols payed him.  Remember Marcus Lattimore turned down money and girls from that crappy school.  RTR

Since: Sep 5, 2008
Posted on: December 30, 2011 11:38 am

Vol frosh WR DeAnthony Arnett asks for release

I guess that Dooley wont release the kid to a BCS level program b/c he isn't playing at one now.  Why let him upgrade?<br /><br />Dooley's a clown.  Not only is he a poor coach, but he's a chicken-chit person.  I hope he stays at UT forever.  If you can't replace a kid of Arnett's calibre, you shouldn't be coaching in the SEC.  Muschamp came in a let/enouraged a lot of good players leave, some of which landed on SEC rosters.<br /><br />

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