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Bill O'Brien may stay with Pats past Signing Day

Posted on: January 6, 2012 12:27 am
Posted by Adam Jacobi

Penn State is expected to announce the hiring of New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien on Saturday, according to NFL reporter Mike Freeman. That brings a merciful end to the Penn State coaching search, as the PSU job was the last to be filled in all of the FBS.

The thing is, however, if reports are true, O'Brien won't be on Penn State's campus immediately -- and the wait could potentially extend past a very important deadline. According to Boston Herald Patriots beat reporter Ian Rapoport, O'Brien will remain the Patriots' offensive coordinator throughout the playoffs. And while the NFL playoffs start this weekend, the Patriots' season won't be ending so soon. New England is the top seed in the AFC, meaning the Patriots have a bye week this week, and are the favorite to make it to Super Bowl XLVI.

Penn State fans should be rooting for an early upset for the Pats, though, because if the Patriots do make it to the Super Bowl, O'Brien's going to be a member of that staff until February 5. That date is important, because Signing Day -- the first day that college football recruits can sign letters of intent with their preferred school -- is the preceding Tuesday, February 1. Now, top seeds are hardly locks to make the Super Bowl in today's NFL, but the Patriots under Bill Belichick have one of the best track records in the playoffs of any NFL franchise over the last decade or so.

O'Brien is expected to do some recruiting while he's still with New England, and he wouldn't be the first coach to pull double-duty like this; Rapoport also noted on his feed that Charlie Weis did so at New England as he prepared to take over Notre Dame, and Sylvester Croom was similarly stretched between Green Bay and Mississippi State when he was first hired. Unfortunately, as Rapoport also noted, such double duty hampered the coaches' first recruiting classes considerably, and it's also worth noting that both coaches were fired after five seasons -- right when that first recruiting class would have been full of redshirt seniors.

It would then behoove Penn State to retain Tom Bradley (the defensive coordinator-turned-interim coach who has led the team since the Penn State Board of Trustees fired longtime coach Joe Paterno on November 9 in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal) and offer him his old position as defensive coordinator, much in the same way that Ohio State has honored interim head coach Luke Fickell since the hiring of Urban Meyer. That way, Bradley can also focus his efforts on recruiting and salvage a Penn State class that by Big Ten standards is mediocre, and by Penn State standards is subpar.

It does not portend well for Bradley's future with Penn State, however, that the only word from him was that he had not been told of any hiring plans by the school as of Thursday night, according to Blue White Illustrated. If Bradley is not motivated to remain committed to the recruiting trail for Penn State while O'Brien tries to balance recruiting and coaching the Patriots for however long New England's season lasts, Penn State's recruiting class will undoubtedly suffer, and that's another hurdle that this suddenly flailing program does not need to have added to the race ahead.

For more breaking news on Penn State, follow the team's RapidReports by Jim Rodenbush.

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Posted on: January 8, 2012 9:42 pm

Bill O'Brien may stay with Pats past Signing Day

Hey Pizza, if JoePa were the Dean of the college of engineering and Sandusky were a professor, should they fire all of the engineering professors?  If your boss didn't come down hard enough on a co-worker for a similar offense, should you be fired?  If the answer is no, why would Bradley be removed from consideration?  Don't push to add to the number of Sandusky victims.

Since: Apr 1, 2007
Posted on: January 6, 2012 9:21 pm

Bill O'Brien may stay with Pats past Signing Day

I disagree. Penn State needs to disassociate itself from the entire coaching staff that was there under Patrerno. Noone who was there with Sandusky or Paterno can remain and the school have credibility. For Sandusky to up and retire at a time when he was being heralded as the head coach in waiting suggests Paterno knew what he'd done. Instead of being fired on the spot and kicked off the premises for good, he was allowed to 'retire', collect his retirement funds, maintain an office at the school, and continue to use their showers to attract his victims. This sick excuse for a human being was protected under Joe Pa's regime. He controlled that athletic department and anything he said, went. For the alumni idiots who were demanding a Penn Stater be given the head coaching job, it's time to grow a brain and show some compassion for the victims. Life doesn't revolve around some game people play. It does revolve around someone's destoyed life...forever. There were plenty of destroyed lives at Penn State thanks to Sandusky. That number could have been reduced greatly were it not for Paterno and his minions. For that, they have noone to blame but themselves. Nothing can help those innocent children now. And, you expect Penn State's administration to continue on with the status quo of this athletic department? You are clueless, indeed.

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 3:53 pm

Bill O'Brien may stay with Pats past Signing Day

The current recruiting class is only ranked something like 40th at this point anyway.   I think the damage had already been done there.  Most of the ground work for recruiting was done this summer anyway.  THey might pick up a few new recruits, but not likely to be any 5 star players at this point who haven't already verbally committed to other schools. 

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Posted on: January 6, 2012 9:03 am

Bill O'Brien may stay with Pats past Signing Day

This is an interesting situation.  I'm of the opinion that PSU should really turn the page on the current staff or just about anybody from the 'PSU family'.  The hire of Bill O'Brien was a step in the right direction but he does need to surround himself with some experience as far as coordinators & recruiters go. 

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