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When getting it right goes wrong

Posted on: January 10, 2012 3:47 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Given the debacle that was Monday night's BCS Championship Game, and the ratings that accompanied it, there are no doubt a lot of people outside the southeastern United States who woke up on Tuesday morning wishing they had been given the chance to watch any game but the one they were given in the Superdome. Personally, as a fan of great defensive football, I was looking forward to the game even after already seeing the first meeting.

"The offenses can't play as poorly again the second time around," I thought to myself.

Well, at least one couldn't. Then there was LSU and Jordan Jefferson. Around what was roughly Jordan Jefferson's 89th attempt at running the speed option to the right, only to be swallowed whole by Alabama linebackers, I began to feel as though I were the victim of Chinese Water Torture. One more attempt and I would start spilling my darkest secrets to whoever wanted to hear them just so that LSU would try something different. Anything different. Like maybe gaining four yards.

Instead what we saw was years of work and research by Ivan Pavlov and his classical conditioning theory thrown out the window. Turns out his dogs were smarter than anybody running the LSU offense.

It was also around this point that I began thinking to myself that I'd rather have seen someone like Oklahoma State getting a chance. And while I've done my fair share of trying to prove Oklahoma State's credentials during the regular season on this blog, even then I was always under the impression that Alabama and LSU were the two best teams in the country.

I would just like to have seen what an offense like Oklahoma State's could do against a defense like LSU's, a defense that wasn't exactly stellar on Monday night if you weren't paying attention.

Which is a view point that Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy also shared following last night's game.

"I will say this," Gundy told the USA Today. "I bet you there'll be a lot of people wish they'd given us a shot to see a different kind of game.

"We'd have thrown it 50 times. You like to think Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon could have put together some touchdowns. Get the ball thrown down the field and open some things up. Try to make it exciting, and see what happens."

Surely the Cowboys, with Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, could have put just as many points on the board against LSU as Alabama did. Combine that with Oklahoma State's defense, which was never terrible as the numbers lead one to believe, and maybe even the Tigers could have dented the scoreboard as well.

Of course, this is where you start to hear the "we've already seen what an offense like Oklahoma State can do against LSU, just ask Oregon and West Virginia" response. A response that completely ignores the fact that, while high-scoring, Oregon's offense is entirely different from Oklahoma State's, and that West Virginia's is in its infancy.

It's also an argument that conveniently omits that we'd already seen what happens between LSU and Alabama going into last night's death march as well.

Instead what we get is an Alabama team that, despite how talented and dominating it was during the season, couldn't even win its own division being crowned national champion. An idea that even when it's correct -- and it is correct -- makes absolutely no sense in a sport where every game is supposed to count.

Sometimes getting it right can go wrong.

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Posted on: January 11, 2012 12:31 pm

When getting it right goes wrong

As an Alabama fan, I agree the game Monday night was far from the most exciting game i've ever watched. No doubt Oklahoma played an awesome season and I love to watch them play. However, despite their best efforts they still came up short where it counted. Yes, if LSU had played Oklahoma then might have actually "put a dent in the scoreboard" and Oklahoma might have put together some touchdowns of their own. But come on you guys, the whining and complaining because the game wasn't a thriller and that Alabama didn't deserve to be there is all starting to sound like high school politics (according to school policy, the principles son doesn't have the grades to play this season so the principle changes the policy to his son's advantage). The BCS standing are what they are, unwavering and unbias. These rating give EVERY team a chance to step up where they lag and make improvments. We don't change the system, that has worked for many years, so that teams that need that didn't rank as high as others have a better chance at the championship. We ask the teams to find the areas that need improvment and do something about it. If your quarterback can not get the ball to his receiver then you might want to pull him aside for some one on one or find another quarterback. That's just one example. I see areas of improvment for ALL teams, rushing yards pre game, penalities, incomplete passes per game, turnovers per game, over-all poor defense and/or offense, and list goes on. That being said, Alabama, even after losing their own conference, still scored just under LSU. That says something about both teams and because of this they were lined up for the championship, fair and square.

Since: Jan 11, 2012
Posted on: January 11, 2012 10:49 am

When getting it right goes wrong

Two teams take the field with hunger in their eyes.
These two teams have met before
but they are here again and we all know why.
Its SEC football, the greatest game on earth.
if you don't believe me, look at our history. Sorry but the truth hurts!
Now here we are again tonight; this is what its all about.
The pain, the sweat, the blood, the tears, and not a shadow of a doubt.
The tigers roar and pace their turf as they hear the distant crowd.
The elephants stand tall and mighty, their feet firmly to the ground.
Back and fourth these two battle, for there's a championship at stake.
There's no turning back, no coming up late, its all on the line so no mistakes we should make.
Shocked, startled, and taken by surprise, the tigers have lost this battle.
So tonight they'll go home with tears in their eyes and their cages beaten and rattled.
The elephants, while they stand strong, mighty, and humble, have won a glorious fight.
They'll go home and thank the God above for seeing them through the night. 
For in all the teams across this country that have fought, fumbled, and tried,
there is nothing like SEC football and the Bama pride.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 10:54 pm

When getting it right goes wrong

Alabama or Lsu would have cramed the ball down okl. States throat their D was as bad as their #'s they would rerely see the ball on offense

Since: Mar 10, 2008
Posted on: January 10, 2012 9:55 pm

When getting it right goes wrong

this is a repost from pokes21(from another thread) It says it all. Best post about bcs bs ive read all year!!!

No split title, Alabama No. 1 in AP Poll

Congratulation Alabama on your 4th undisputed National Championship - but still just 2 without an asteriks! That now puts you one undisputed championship ahead of Texas!.

All I've heard is "Alabama's going for it's 13th national Championship!" Hmmm - so took a look and was intrigued-
1) Yes, Alabama now claims 13 Recognized National Championships. 1925, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992, 2009, and now 2011 seasons. That's impressive!

Then I read that Princeton has 26! But Bama fans say those don't count - a long time ago - but if true, then can Alabama count the first four? Princeton won its last two in 1933 and 1935. hmmm

2) Alabama does claim "recognized" NC's, the problem I have is that until 1979, no one can agree that Alabama was THE National Champion.

1925 10-0? Dartmouth is also recognized
1926 9-0-1? Lafayette and Stanford also recognized
1930 10-0? Notre Dame recognized
1934 10-0? Minnesota also recognized.

3) Okay - so maybe that was long ago and let's get out of this controversy with Princeton because we all know they are not a real power in the terms of modern football. Right? So Let's take those 4 off. That takes us to 1961. Unfortunately - I see the same problem!
1961 11-0? Ohio State is also voted #1
1964 10-1? Notre Dame and Arkansas both voted #1
1965 9-1-1? Michigan St voted #1
1973 11-1? Notre Dame again (no wonder Alabama has a hard on about tying Notre Dame!)
1978 11-1? USC (but I swear that Charles White fumbled before going into the end zone!)

4) Finally - we get to Alabama and undisputed Championships! Alright!
1979 12-0! Beats Penn St 14-7 on a goal line stand! No questions, no controversy, just #42 Major Olgolve and his half torn belly shirt!

1992 13-0! Beats the arrogant Miami Hurricanes! Who would have thought we'd be talking about "arrogant" Alabama fans now?

2009 14-0! Beats Texas 37-21! (*) Great win! What? (*) Texas QB McCoy hurt and out of game 1st series Texas leads 6-0 after 2 series? Bama rushes to 24-6 half-time lead on continuous mis-cues by replacement Texas Freshman QB? Impressive. What? Texas came back and score was 24-21 late in third before Bama D finally flusters freshman QB and wins? (*) Hard to say what would have happened if McCoy didn't get hurt, but the fates were with Bama and the way a Freshman started picking apart Bama's D makes you REALLY wonder what McCoy would have done for 4 whole Quarters... (*) That Freshman QB as a junior transfers because he loses his job to two freshmen after a horrendous sophmore season as a 5-7 starter? Doesn't sound so great...

2011 12-1! Great victory against LSU! Great revenge match-up! What? (*) Alabama didn't win their conference? (*) They didn't even win their division? They're strength of schedule was lower than 4 other 1 loss teams? (*) How'd they get in?

Popular vote by the coaches poll gave them .0086 better margin than #2 Oklahoma St from computer computation

hmmm... And LSU beat Alabama on Alabama's home field during the regular season? But Alabama was voted BCS #2 anyway? Wasn't/Isn't BCS's motto "Every Game Counts?"

hmmmm - I guess not for the SEC nor for Bama; so they get a second shot to beat a team that beat them; they get 5 weeks to prepare, and they claim that they deserved the second shot while no other team even deserved a 1st shot because "Coaches" voted them in?

I didn't realize "Coaches" actually watched every game...

The "coaches" saw replays! really? From who?

CBS Sports and ESPN who said for 50 minutes on a one hour show (give or take a commercial) that these were the best two teams and we should have a rematch.

Really? What about the other 4 1-loss teams with a better SOS?

Doesn't matter - Alabama's 1 loss was better than all of their's because it was to #1!

A better loss?

But Alabama won 21-0 and LSU barely threatened 1 time in the 4th Qtr and only crossed the 50 one time during the game! Great defense!

Or pathetic offense? Both?

How can we tell Alabama is the best?

Because they were voted most popular at #2 to replay the game.

Well, it must be unique for the #2 team to win the BCS NC then! What? It isn't?

The #2 team has won 7 of the 14 BCS NC's!

Wait - that's 50%! If the BCS can even figure out who is rightfully #1 - and you would think they could, how can they claim they get it right with #2? hmmm- So who were the other teams?

Doesn't matter - they don't play in the SEC.

Why's that important?

Because CBS Sports gets 1st choice of the weekly SEC match-up to broadcast and ESPN gets 2nd choice to move to primetime Saturday Night by contract.

Wait - doesn't CBS and ESPN have other contracts?

Just ESPN (ABC) - but they also have a contract with TV rights sponsoring 19 bowls.

But wouldn't that make them want to prop up their product over the other teams since they pay for it?

Good question... (*) Just don't think about, it'll be forgotten in time but the important thing is that the guys that run the bowls make money!

What about the teams?

About 18 of the 70 will make some money, the rest lose money.

How's that fair?

That's a different topic...

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 5:26 pm

When getting it right goes wrong

Brandon Weeden would have watch the last 3 quarters from his bed at Charity Hospital  if he played Alabama or LSU.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 4:32 pm


If a team cant win its conference, it has no business being a national champion. 

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