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Week 11: OSU 27, Iowa 24, OT - November 15, 2009

*Great game overall. OT at the shoe on a perfect day of football with a Rose Bowl berth on the line always makes for a good Saturday. If we win. Whew.

*I was frustrated most of the 4th quarter, both at letting them back into the game with the kickoff return AND and Iowa's good fortune on their game-tying drive (our silly defensive offsides penalty that negated an INT return for touchdown...and our safety basically taking away a sure INT from our corner that popped up into the air and fell into their TE's arms).

*MVP's for us were our RB's, who both had great games both up the middle and on the edges. Herron's stiff-arm on his wildcat TD was sweet, and seeing Saine show off that speed on the edges was refreshing. The OL deserves some credit as well, but they seemed to have just as many stinker plays as positive plays, especially in the final quarter.

*MVP's for Iowa had to be their O-line, who gave a freshman QB all the time he needed pretty much all night. Our D-line spent the night in the Penn St backfield last weekend, but yesterday the only times we reached their QB were on blitzes, which wasn't very often. Iowa's O-line had a great day.

*A loss for us would have pointed to our special teams play, which was horrendous in all phases. One badly missed field goal, obviously the kickoff return, terrible punts, and Ray Small got blown up on all but one kickoff return. Outside of their TD, Iowa was close to returning a few others as well.

*Goats for Iowa has to be their receivers and TE's, who dropped several key balls that would have definitely helped their cause. This doesn't include McNutt, who is turning into a downright stud who's dangerous both deep and in the slot.

*It doesn't get much more conservative than that gameplan we saw yesterday. Maybe he opens it up a little bit next week? Can't wait to find out.

*Lastly, our defense once again saves the day. The tackle for loss and sack in overtime won the game. Here we come Pasadena...

*It's officially Michigan week. I told my co-workers 41-17 a few weeks ago. I guess I'll stick with that.


*The Bears game was really hard to watch on Thursday. Obviously the Bears looked terrible, but so did SF, who were fortunate to prepare for the short week after a home game the Sunday before with no travel. The NFL network continues to give us shoddy production and sound, and I can't remember a game where more flags hit the field. Ugly.

*Cutler had a bad game but 2 or possibly 3 of those picks weren't his fault. Our O-line continues to be terrible, therefore we can't give Cutler the time and can't get Forte going. In addition, we can't seem to stay healthy on defense, but at least Alex Brown didn't punch anyone's lights out this time. And so it goes...

*Wow, the Saints D really missed Darren Sharper.

*It's hard to explain, but at least the Lions are competing. Even in today's 27-10 game, they gave the Vikes a decent game. They just can't finish and continue to make bad mistakes at the wrong times. But they don't seem clueless and inept like last year.

*I don't know if Vince Young will ever be a good NFL QB, but he at least makes the Titans fun to watch again.

*I know Chris Johnson is a good RB, but why does it seem like he never gets touched on many of his runs/catches. Either he's just that fast or their schemes to get him into the open field are the best I've seen.

*The Bengals....freakin' awesome. Again, I'm happy for the Bungles and my Bungle friends and of course I'm rooting for them. Hopefully Benson is not hurt that badly and can they please find someone to handle a freakin' snap and hold on PAT's? At some point that will cost them a win. And the Steelers lost....HAHAHAHAHA.

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Week 1 - OSU 31, Navy 27 - September 5, 2009

*OSU = yikes. Looks like we have some things to work on. Like most of us fans, it appeared the players came out in the 3rd quarter expecting to coast into the locker room with an easy victory. Navy made it a game, then we broke out ahead again, then our wheels fell off again. Weird game, hard to explain. Regardless, a win is a win, but I think we may be in trouble next week, especially on defense. It can be argued that this game will help us and that we'll work harder this week as a result and we'll be better prepared for next week. Be that as it may, my opinion is that we just aren't that good right now.

*The Oregon thug who punched the Boise player deserves to be suspended. But what no one is talking about is the fact that he punched his own teammate during the fracas. For that and that alone, I'd suspend his ass for the year. How do you get away with doing that to a teammate? The Boise State player deserves at least a game or two as well for what he did as well. Ps, that was one helluva punch. In spite of all this, the worst part of the night for me is that Boise St won, so how we have to hear about whether Boise deserves a shot at the national title for the next 3 months. That sucks.

*Don't ask me why, but I can't help but feel sorry for Tavaris Jackson. Yea, he had his chances, but he's been strung along for months with the concern of Favre possibly showing up to take his job. Then the douchebag Favre shows up last minute, and now he's on the trade block. Obviously the answer is that if he played better, then the job is his regardless. But I've been putting myself in his shoes, and I'd feel pretty salty about it. If some old guy just showed up at the last minute and took my job, I'd be upset.

*Peter King picked the Bears to lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Sweet. He also picked the Texans to win that division. That prediction takes balls. They have talent but that is one tough division.

*The NFL will be great as usual this year. I was walking Thomas and Eddie last night thinking about all of the divisions. I think the Patriots and Chargers will have their divisions clinched by about Week 12. The Steelers will probably win theirs shortly after, but other than that, the remaining 5 divisions are really up for grabs. Also, it will be interesting to see who ends up being the worst team. Like last year, I think the bottom of the barrel will be crowded.... the Lions, Bucs, Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, Browns, Broncos....yikes.

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The Newest Bear - April 3, 2009

I’m getting persistent questions/comments about whether the Bears gave up too much in the Cutler trade. Yes, I’m a huge Bears fan, but I’ll do my best to maintain some perspective. So let’s analyze the trade:

*Bears get: Cutler, 2009 5th rounder.
*Broncos get: Orton, 2009 1st rounder, 2009 3rd rounder, 2010 1st rounder.

The 2009 second rounders (5th and 3rd) cancel each other out. I don’t care what round it is. They’re both 2nd-day picks. Who cares.

The Bears got a new QB, so obviously Orton becomes expendable. They would’ve cut him or maybe gotten a 2nd day pick for him. Who cares.

So that leaves Cutler for 2 first round picks. Cutler is 25, threw for 5,000 yards last year, and is a proven franchise QB, and is easily top 10 QB in the league. Also, I’m sick of hearing about how bad his win/loss record is. Folks, the Denver defense wouldn’t be able to stop Unioto High School the past few years. You’re not going to have a great w/l record with a defense like that. Cutler threw for 5,000 yards last year, and they went 8-8. Come on.

Also, does everyone realize how long it’s been since Chicago has had a good QB? McMahon maybe, I mean at least he was a leader, and if Charles Martin hadn’t body slammed him illegally in ’86, the Bears would’ve won another Super Bowl. Before that, it was Sid Luckman in the 40’s. The Bears have been in existence for 89 years. They’ve had four years of seasons with more than 3,000 yards passing. Four years, folks...out of 89 seasons. In addition, did I mention that Cutler is 25? Did I also mention that he makes just over $1 million in each of the next 3 years? B-A-R-G-A-I-N.

Finally, the 2 first round draft picks. If anyone would like to analyze the Bears past several first round draft picks, you tell me how much we actually gave up: Chris Williams, Greg Olsen, Cedric Benson, Tommie Harris, Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, Marc Colombo, David Terrell, Brian Urlacher, Curtis Enis, Cade McNown, Walt Harris, Rashaan Salaam, John Thierry. So possibly one “hit” and two “maybes” out of 14 picks in 15 years? Yikes. Easy call.

From the Broncos side of things, it wasn’t going to work with Cutler. They got a decent QB in Orton, a system guy, and they also got 2 first rounders. I think this is one of those rare trades where both teams probably win.

In summary, as a Bears fan, I’m ecstatic about this trade. We now have a franchise QB. We already have a franchise RB. We strengthened our offensive line even before we got Orlando Pace. If he has 1-2 years left, signing him is a win for us. Our defense, despite losing Mike Brown, should be improved versus last year. If Hester can regain his ’07 form on kick returns, Cutler will have a short field to work with. Wide receiver? Torry Holt? Plaxico? Even if we don't do anything, Hester is now a major deep threat with Cutler at the trigger. The NFC North sucks. And the NFC is way down for ’09. The Cardinals made the Super Bowl last year? Hell, anyone could win it this year, why not us?

I’m now as excited for this upcoming NFL season as I am for the OSU season.


Draft History Reference: http://www.nfl.com/draft/history
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Super Bowl Wrap-Up - February 1, 2009

Random thoughts:

*I'm happy for Santonio, he deserved the MVP. Great game. I was scared to death they were going to give it to Ben, who is overrated, by the way.

*I'm sad for Arizona. One play cost them the game. Warner threw a bad pass at the end of the first half, but how do you not tackle Harrison with no time left?

*I wanted a good game, and I got one. I also bet the Cardinals to cover, which they did.

*Commercials were mostly disappointing, but a few were pretty good. The Budweiser horses need to go away.

*Yes, the Steelers have the most Super Bowls, but the NFL didn't magically start in 1967. The Packers have 12 titles, the Bears have 9 titles. So there.

*I hope John Madden doesn't retire. He nailed every single one of his comments tonight. Al Michaels gets annoying at times in his old age, but Madden is the man.

On to next year...

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Picks, Confusion, Observation - January 19, 2009

Need some redemption from last week's 1-3 picks. So here it goes:

Steelers/Ravens: As much as I hate doing it, I have to pick the Steelers. I think these teams are so even, I'd probably pick whoever was a home. But with the weather as it's going to be, I guess I'll go with the team with the most experienced QB.

Eagles/Cardinals: Upset special, I'm picking the Cardinals. I guess I shouldn't try to rationalize anything when it comes to these 2 teams. There's unpredictable as hell and who knows who will show up. But it just seems like destiny that it's the Cards year.

Confusion: I guess I just really don't understand the way some NFL teams are managed. How can any organization hope to improve and have any consistency when the coaches turn over so much. The firing of Mangini by the Jets blew me away. I thought he was a good coach with a plan who was forced to take Favre, who just so happened to knock them out of the playoffs himself. However, the firing of Gruden is unreal. The guy won a Super Bowl with Tampa, took the Raiders to the brink, works tirelessly, and (I think) gets the most out of what he has to work with. Tampa woulda made the playoffs if Brooks hadn't gotten hurt. They have a solid team. And the get rid of Gruden after losing their D Coordinator as well? I seriously just don't get it.

Observation: I think I've lost some respect for Pete Carrol this week. His handling of Sanchez's exodus from Southern Cal reminds me of a little kid pouting, stomping, and crying because he didn't get what he wanted. Worse, he most likely put doubt into NFL GM's minds as he made it so apparent that Sanchez, in his expert opinion, isn't ready for the NFL. So to summarize, he tried to talk his QB into staying, Sanchez made his decision, Carroll throws a hissy fit at the press conference and didn't even sit with his QB, which possibly hurt his draft status. Isn't a head coach supposed to be more than just a coach? Does Carrol really think he's not ready, or is he just looking out for #1? Regardless, Sanchez won him several games, and he treated him like crap as he left. What an asshole.

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NFL WildCard Weekend - January 6, 2009

No excuses, but I didn't get my picks on here before last weekend's games. Not that it matters, I went 3-1 straight-up and against the spread (I picked Atl, SD, Phil, and Bal)

So before all of the talking heads get into my head this week, I'm writing this out now (halftime of OSU game) and posting it on Tuesday night (can't take away from the Buckeyes game):

Game 1: Baltimore at Tenn --- I'm picking Tenn to win and cover. I think the trendy pick here is to go with Baltimore because of how they looked on Sunday. It's easy to forget about what Tenn did this year. The last time I picked against them was against Pittsburgh when it mattered, and they got it done. They just execute. I say Tenn 23-17.

Game 2: Arizona at Carolina --- I'm picking Carolina big in this game. And not just because Arizona is traveling east, although that's part of it. I think Carolina is the real deal. I know AZ played them tough here earlier this year, and they stuffed Turner last week. But I'm a believe in DeAngelo, I think he will go off. I think S Smith will have a big game as well. I'm saying Carolina 34, Arizona 17.

Game 3: Philly at Giants: --- I know Philly has won here earlier this year, and they aren't afraid of the Giants. But the Giants rushing attack and pass rush I think will be too much. Philly has been hot as of late which means they are overdue for a dud game. I think the Giants roll, let's say 38-23.

Game 4: San Diego at Pittsburgh: --- I really, really, really want to pick San Diego in this game. Either way, I think it will be close. But I'm too chicken to do it, so I'll say Pittsburgh 23, San Diego 21.

Keep in mind, I think I've been 0-4 in divisional games in each of the last 2 years.



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