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Posted on: November 17, 2010 12:46 pm
Edited on: November 17, 2010 12:48 pm

Nate Irving goes 'WWE' on Wake Forest WR [GIF]

Posted by Chip Patterson

Often a wide receiver will find himself being greeted face to face by a linebacker to the tune of a punishing open-field hit.  Many times, the wide receiver does not expect it and is left gathering himself for a few moments.  But the only thing worse, is the premeditated knowledge of your coming doom.  Such was the case for Wake Forest wide receiver Michael Campanaro.  

Campanaro found himself wrapped up by North Carolina State linebacker Nate Irving during the Wolfpack's 38-3 victory last Saturday, when he felt something funny.  His feet had left the ground.  Instead of a force pushing Campanaro to the turf, he was being lifted in the air.  I imagine, that the following split seconds seemed like an eternity.  After all Irving is one of the most talented and feared linebackers in the ACC, and he was in the midst of a performance that would finish with an NCAA-record 8 TFLs.  Rather hitting the ground when you least expect it, Campanaro had plenty of time to feel his body receive the full suplex into the Carter-Finley Stadium grass.  Face-to-face, the 6-1 235 pound Irving looks like a human incarnation of the Predator.  In fact, I was shocked he did not just start skinning Campanaro on the spot.

As Tom Fornelli pointed out, the only thing that would make this GIF better is if Campanaro's head stuck in the ground, leaving only his legs to dangle pointing towards the sky.


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