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Posted on: October 20, 2010 2:24 pm

Chris Rainey is eligible to play once again

Posted by Tom Fornelli

The Florida Gators are on a bye this week, but when they do return to action next week against Georgia, the Gators may have an old weapon back.  During his weekly appearance at the SEC teleconference on Wednesday, head coach Urban Meyer said that Chris Rainey is once again eligible to play for the Gators.  Rainey returned to practice last week, but has had to sit out for the last five weeks following his arrest for aggravated stalking.

Still, just because Rainey is eligible to play, Meyer didn't want anyone to make the mistake that all this means he will play.

“Chris Rainey is eligible to participate in the Georgia game, but I’m not saying he will,” Meyer said. “That hasn’t been determined.”

No, it hasn't been determined, but trust me, Rainey will be playing against Georgia.  You don't let him start practicing again and then restore his eligibility for him to sit on the sideline while your struggling football team battles for its life.  The fact is that while Rainey may not be the answer for what ails Florida, his return certainly wouldn't hurt the team's chances.

So unless Rainey manages to get himself arrested during Florida's off week, he's going to be on the field against Georgia.
Posted on: October 19, 2010 11:11 am

Did a concussion lead to Chris Rainey's arrest?

Posted by Tom Fornelli

It seems that 2010 is becoming the year of the concussion in football.  As we all learn more about what concussions are and the long term effects they have on those who suffer them, the world of football has begun to take the injury a lot more serious than it had in the past.  Just look at the NFL this weekend, as two big hits in two seperate games have the league wondering if it should start suspending players who make head-to-head contact while tackling.

While the long term effects of concussions like chronic traumatic encephalopathy -- CTE -- have included depression and suicide, what about the short term effects?  There's no question that a concussion could lead to some dramatic behavior changes in a victim, like perhaps that person suddenly decides he wants to text an ex-girlfriend that it's "time to die."  That's what some are wondering in the case of suspended Florida receiver, Chris Rainey, who suffered a concussion only a few days before his arrest.

Even the victim in the Rainey case thinks his concussion had something to do with the events of that night.
Since the arrest, the victim has maintained that Rainey's threatening behavior that night was out of character. According to state attorney's records, the victim told police Rainey "has been acting strangely since receiving a head injury in a game played on 9/11/10."

The Gators played USF on that day, and coach Urban Meyer told reporters two days later that Rainey had a concussion.

"He got dinged pretty good," Meyer said on Sept. 13.
When reviewing the text messages between Rainey and the victim that led to the infamous "time to die" message, the victim pointed to Rainey's concussion that very night.
Text messages exchanged between Rainey and the victim that night indicate she thought Rainey's concussion was affecting his behavior. "U want to act a fool so im gonna act a fool too and im here," Rainey texted the victim.

She responded, "I'm not opening the door. It will do no good. Go back home and cool off. U have a concussion chris. Ur acting ridiculous."

Now the question is, is the concussion an excuse or a reason?  It's not easy to answer, but Dr. Robert Cantu of the Sports Legacy Institute says that injuring the brain, which a concussion does, changes behavior and can cause people to act bizarrely.  Of course, Cantu also says that bizarre behavior changes don't normally include "irrational or emotional behavoir, or loss of impulse control."

Which there's no question Rainey displayed on that night.  Though whether it was love or a concussion, we'll likely never know.
Posted on: October 12, 2010 1:01 pm
Edited on: October 12, 2010 1:01 pm

It's time to practice for Chris Rainey

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey hasn't been with the team since his arrest following a threatening text to a woman he used to date.  Rainey has since reached a settlement in the case, but had not returned to practice.

That has changed.

Rainey is back practicing with the Gators though he is yet to be fully reinstated to the team.  According to Urban Meyer, Rainey will have to meet certain conditions -- which the coach wouldn't state -- before he's allowed to play again for the Gators.  He will not be allowed to play for the team's game against Mississippi State this weekend.

“Chris Rainey is working towards being part of our football team again,” Meyer said in a statement. “I’m disappointed that he violated a core value of our program, but he continues to pay a price for his actions. Chris will have to meet a set of conditions to become a part of our team again and although he is practicing, he will not play this weekend. The timetable for his return will depend on his ability to follow the guidelines we have laid out for him.”

No word on whether Meyer informed Rainey through a text message saying "time to practice."

Rainey also released a statement on Tuesday morning, the first time he's spoken publicly since his arrest.

“I am embarrassed and sorry for my actions and I apologize to everyone that I affected by my behavior,” said Rainey. “I’m working towards being a part of the Florida football program again and I realize that representing this University is a privilege. I have spent the last several weeks reflecting on my actions and realized that is not who I want to be.”

The Mississippi State game will be the fifth game Rainey misses thanks to his arrest, and while we can't know for sure when he'll be back, considering that Florida has a bye next week before facing Georgia on October 30, I'd bet that's the game Rainey makes his return.

Posted on: September 27, 2010 12:47 pm
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Chris Rainey reaches settlement in stalking case

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey is not going to face felony charges following his arrest for aggravated stalking after sending threatening text messages to a former girlfriend two weeks ago.  A settlement has been reached that will have the charges against Rainey reduced to a misdemeanor.

Gainesville state's attorney Bill Cervone said that the reason they decided to reduce the charges and not pursue the felony is that while he feels they have enough to warrant the felony charges, the fact that Rainey was never in a position to act on them, and has no history to suggest he would act on them, made the misdemeanor stalking charges more "appropriate."

As for what Rainey now faces, Cervone continued.

"I am not going to consider any request that the case be dropped in its entirety," said Cervone.  "Because I am concerned when young people act in this way and believe that we should intervene at least to the point of forcing a cooling off period and some professional counseling on anger management and related coping skills.

"As a result, the case is being re-cast as a misdemeanor stalking offense, which as a matter of law more closely reflects the facts involved. Since the Defendant has no prior criminal history other than an unrelated drivers license charge that was resolved with no conviction, he will be treated as any first offender would in similar circumstances and offered a deferral agreement. The terms of that agreement have been crafted to address the concerns of my office and, if complied with, will allow the Defendant and everyone else involved to move on."

As for what this means for Rainey's future with the Gators, nobody is quite sure.  Urban Meyer keeps saying that Rainey is "not a part of the team" but then keeps answering questions about whether or not he'll be available to play this week -- and Meyer says Rainey won't be playing against Alabama.   It'd be nice if Meyer and the school could just come out and say what Rainey's status is.

Has he been booted from the team, as the AP report suggests , or has he just been suspended?

Posted on: September 24, 2010 11:25 am
Edited on: September 24, 2010 11:39 am

Rainey could learn his fate on Monday

Posted by Tom Fornelli

There was a report earlier this week that Florida wide receiver Chris Rainey would learn on Friday whether or not he'd be facing felony charges after he was arrested for aggravated stalking a week and a half ago.  Now it sounds like Rainey and the Florida Gators won't know anything until Monday as prosecutor Bill Cervone said he doesn't expect there to be a resolution this week.

it's possible that the charges against Rainey could be reduced or even dropped, something his defense attorney Huntley Johnson said he felt was likely earlier this week.  You know, because this whole thing is just the result of a misfortunate typo.   Darn thumbs with a mind of their own!

In all likelihood, whatever is decided in court will have a large impact on how Urban Meyer and the Gators decide to punish Rainey.  As of now he's suspended indefinitely and hasn't been with the team since the charges were filed, though if the charges are reduced the odds are that Meyer will allow him back at some point.

Though Meyer says he hasn't even thought about it at this point and is just waiting for this whole thing to be resolved before making a final decision.

Posted on: September 20, 2010 11:34 pm
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Lawyer: Rainey 'misspoke' in text message

Posted by Tom Fornelli

I have an iPhone, and one of the most annoying things in the world with it is the way it autocorrects just about anything I'm trying to type when I send a text message.  Like when I try to type the word "hell" and it corrects to "he'll" everytime, no matter how many times I type it.  Then there's the eventual response from the recipient of "Go to he will?"

It's incredibly frustrating to not be able to tell people what I think of them!  Though, I suppose I don't have it all bad.  After all, none of my texts autocorrected to something that would get me arrested.  No, apparently that type of thing only happens to Florida receiver Chris Rainey.

Huntley Johnson, Jr., a Gainesville defense attorney who handles most cases involving UF players, said Rainey’s actions do not constitute a felony.

“It doesn’t fit the elements of the crime,” Johnson said. “This kid was never going to hurt her. She knew he wasn’t going to hurt her. The fact that he misspoke in the text is not something to crucify this kid for.”

Oh, lawyers.  What won't they say?

Okay, so let's pretend that Chris Rainey really was trying to say something besides "time to die" in the text, and was just "misquoted" by an evil cell phone hungry for blood. 

What was he trying to say?

Time to diet?  It's not nice to tell a woman she's put on a few pounds, but it's hardly a punishable offense.  You might get slapped, but you're not going to do any time for it.

I'd love to hear your theories on what Rainey was trying to say in the comments.  Let's all work together to keep this poor, cellularly framed kid out of trouble and on the football field.  This is our chance to stand united and make a difference!

Posted on: September 16, 2010 10:02 pm

Urban Meyer on Gator arrests:: 'Enough is enough'

Posted by Adam Jacobi

Florida head coach Urban Meyer is, as you could probably guess, not terribly thrilled with the latest news about Chris Rainey's arrest. Here's what he had to say to the Palm Beach Post:

“I’m real upset about that,” he said about the arrest total. “After a while, enough’s enough. If there’s something we can improve on, we’re certainly looking into that. It’s like if our graduation rate stinks, then we’ve got to improve that. If there’s other issues in the program, that’s our job to get it better. People making stupid mistakes – that’s something we’ve got to correct.

“We follow the rules and some guys make some mistakes and we’ve got to correct those mistakes, but we follow the rules, we do it the right way at Florida. We have to do a better job of correcting some of the people making mistakes.”

That's strong rhetoric, and not really out of character for the strong-willed Meyer. Unfortunately, equivocation isn't out of character either, to the point where we've been conditioned to expect wiggle room out of what should be an airtight statements like Steve Addazio's "He's no longer a part of the team" and Meyer's "He's not with us." Sure enough, Rainey's suspension is merely indefinite, and even if he's kicked off, is what Rainey did all that worse than, oh, letting off an AK-47? And since it's not, would Rainey or anybody else even believe his dismissal is permanent?

In other words--if Urban Meyer really wants his players to play by the rules, he'd probably be wise to make them fear breaking the rules first.

Posted on: September 15, 2010 8:57 pm
Edited on: September 15, 2010 9:21 pm

UT fans make 'Time to Die' shirts for Gators game

Posted by Adam Jacobi

When it comes to smack talk between two rival schools, there are only two instances where a reference can be considered "too soon":

1. Someone has died very recently.

2. Just kidding, there is no #2.

And so with the Chris Rainey fiasco, Rainey only texted the victim that it was "time to die"; nobody actually lost their lives or was even attacked. Thus, Tennessee fans are on the ball with a quickness:

That's via FanHouse author (and gleeful UT partisan) Clay Travis. No word on where, precisely, the t-shirts are being sold; the university would probably like to know, seeing as how that's their logo being used in a hilariously inappropriate fashion. Nonetheless, expect to see them all over Knoxville this Saturday when Florida and Tennessee lock horns. If, y'know, gators and volunteers had horns.

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